Saturday, 6 February 2016

Friday, 22 January 2016

Japanese Beauty Haul | Tokyo December 2015

My mother and brother went to Tokyo for a little getaway last December - mentioned it here.  It was almost right after my cousin's return from Japan - haul post here, so I had to work hard in order to put together a shopping list.  Honor bascially drained my wallet and cleared my wish list at the same time - read what she got for herself over at her blog.  Now, her mum = my aunt, is going to Tokyo (again?) so I figure sharing my haul may help Honor (or me) to write up yet another shopping list.  Honestly, I've run out of ideas.  Please enlighten me if you think there's anything I should get from Japan, beauty-wise.  Thank you.

Addiction Blush #36 Behind the Veil 3.9 g JPY 2,800 Made in Japan
Addiction Blush #27 Naked Lies 3.9 g JPY 2,800 Made in Japan

Friday, 8 January 2016

Empties | Finale of 2015

Oct (1of7) - body

This post covers the period from Oct-Dec 2015 minus the little family trip we had to Taiwan (travel empties here).  Let me know if you've any suggestions to how I should do my 2016 Empties.  I will be continuing with that but also want a change of some sort.

Read the previous Quarterly Empties if you've missed them. ;)

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

32 Weeks with Baby #2 | I'm on Diet

Last week, at my 31 week check-up, my doctor said I have gained too much weight in too short a period of time; about 3 kg over 5 weeks.  She advised me to lower my carbohydrates intake, and avoid sugar/sweets as much as possible.  I used to eat couple packets or bars of chocolate daily for the past few weeks, so this is kind of expected.  It has been a week now, and for me, this 'diabetes' diet has been slightly annoying but not unbearable.  I stopped drinking regular sodas totally, halved my sugar in tea or other beverages, and only limit myself to one piece of chocolate per day.

My doctor also advised me to do a certain exercise 5 minutes every day and night, in order to facilitate Monkey to turn himself head-down (the 'right' position).  Basically I have to do this quite tiring, though simple, posture before bed, and after I wake up.

**Roma is totally expressing my feeling right now, barely hanging there...

Appetising Soap for Every Body | Affordable Review

Ever since Roma is born I've selected and purchased various baby products, only for him.  Now and then we also receive kind gifts from friends and family.  Roma's skin is delicate, whenever the humidity drops his skin cracks up.  As an infant, now a toddler, he also has quite an amount of hair to clean and a sensitive scalp; shampoos irritating his eyes or not kind to his scalp are rejected.  After a good 15 months now, I'm pleased to say we've perhaps find the perfect solution to be used all over.  The bonus?  Mr. A adores the scent and uses it himself too - so I have two good-smelling boys to cuddle with.


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