Thursday, 9 April 2015

Empties 2015 | Spring Edition

To be frank, I'd love to do this more regularly and frequently.  That way I can type more about less products in each post.  However, in reality I do not have the time to gather up my beauty trash that often, nor on top of that, the time to sit down and type that much.

Therefore, this is my first 2015 update on Empties.  Let's do it!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hit Pan #11 | Lancome Teint Miracle Compact

I find this forgotten series of my blog ultra satisfying to revisit, so I reckon I should make some new entries, in order to make myself proud, and to justify more purchases.  YES.

Today we're going to look into yet another compact foundation, a make up item I never cease buying and using (up).  Most days I do a base or primer (or moisturiser), concealer, and compact, aka powder foundation.  Actually this step should/could be loose powder or pressed powder but I just love the coverage of a powder foundation.   Beauty bloggers or youtubers who cannot distinguish "powder foundation" from "pressed powder" annoy me, greatly - sorry.  On other days where I use liquid foundation, I often use compact as setting purpose too; the mess I create with loose powder is just horrible.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Spring Shopping | New Burberry Make Up and more...

I've been shopping.  You know it very well if you follow me on instagram.  Properly taking pictures of them and blogging can be tedious but somehow, I managed to get this post typed, hurray!
I also decided to photograph the fashion bits I bought in the same week so here you go, a little beauty and fashion (even lingerie?) haul.  Do comment below if you want me to showcase more non-beauty bits, I may feel less reluctant next time.


From H&M I picked up two pair of shorts because I have honestly none.  The denim pair was hk$99 and the soft cotton ones hk$79.90.  The green shirt on the right is Baby Roma's, picked it up from Marks & Spencer for hk$99 (marked down from $229).  Thomas socks were a gift, from the shop I got the white jeggings below.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Memoir of a Mammal | 6 Month Update

Nicholas & Bears romper + Next bib + Robeez shoes

Baby Roma was officially 6 month old last Friday, the 20th March.
This is late, as per usual, not what I wished but what I managed.
I intended to do a 5 month one too, but failed, but that doesn't matter, right?
Let's crack on immediately, for he's gonna wake up in no time!

Baby Update

Friday, 27 March 2015

Beige Sand Olive

Weeks ago, my skin looked like crap and I was in a foundation frenzy.  Purchased several, including Make Up Forever HD (my shade is 117) and EX1 F100 (more on that below).  Honor lent me her YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation - or I bullied her to hand me, whatever - in shade B 10 Beige (definitely matched to her skin tone not mine).  This post is a very random first impression on the Youth Liberator, performed on a gloomy day, just because baby allowed me to.  Thank you Roma, I appreciate that!

I will try to type as fast as possible so that this post do not have to wait till 2016 to get published... Stay tuned till the end for a bonus FOTD. ;)

EX1 is supposed to be designed for skin with olive undertone, my DW is in Sand, and the Youth Liberator is in B10Beige, hence the post title~


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