Tuesday, 19 August 2014

MAC & Aerin Haul | Red Lips, Bronze Eyes

I have a friend T who lives and works in the UK.  She acquires limited edition make up regularly, but doesn't always keep and use them.  Therefore, I do her a favour, #kindof, and sometimes help clear her stash.  This time, some of the products are brand new, some are touched.  I also asked her to help me get some items from the permanent line just because I want to.

She kindly threw in three eyeshadow refills which I believe are Soba, Gorgeous Gold and Cranberry - the red is not labelled, but it is different from Coppering (which I own), more red, in a similar finish.

NB: This post is very short.

To see everything I've got, read on~

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Maternity Update | Some Favourite Things

Another week flew by, another week closer to receiving Mr. Roma.

This week our crib, a bunch of bottles, towels, muslins, etc arrived.  I shall be packing my hospital bag in the coming week, if I am not too tired cleaning and tidying the nursery and going out for yet another consultation with my OG.  For this post, let me go through some of my current skin care and personal care favourites~

Friday, 15 August 2014

Glamabox | May June July 2014

With my last box coming in, in a few days time.  I guess it is not a bad idea to take a look at my latest three Glamaboxes to confirm my decision of renewing my subscription or not.  Being a shopaholic I am constantly acquiring new products I need or want, online or offline.  I accumulate a lot of stuff.  So I think a brief review on these three boxes, on whether I have or haven't tried out the content of the boxes, can in a clear way, tell whether I should continue my subscription.


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

iHerb Haul | Make Up, Self Tanner and Stevia...

This is a short and sweet haul post - I'm that lazy I only took one picture with my phone and that's it.

A longer iHerb Haul is coming up later this month, because I took advantage of the free international shipping in July...  I split my orders up to qualify for free shipping (it has to be within the US $40 - $80 range), so there are many.  My guard downstairs has been receiving package after package this week as they arrive consecutively. #embarrassing

Anyway, let's just quickly go through this post before I get tired typing...


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