Monday, 28 May 2018

Life Update and Back to Blogging?

Hi there! Is there anyone still blog-reading in year 2018?

I've been, to say the least, occupied and constantly undergoing big changes, since I last checked-in this space in March 2018 (!).  The most significant should be the birth of my third son.  Now I'm proudly (sometimes I think 'pathetically') the mother of three under four.  I believe this explains a lot of things, if not everything.

Some time around 2016 my previous laptop gave up on me, and Mr A's spare laptop also refused to cooperate with me.  Hence I have no proper device to blog on.  However, Mr A finally upgraded his work laptop and after sending his old MBA (MacBook Air) to check up and get some parts replaced, gifted it to me.

Beauty is still one of my biggest passion and hobby, and I haven't been MIA in terms of beauty shopping, experimenting with skin care, and occasionally wearing and testing make up.

If you miss me, or want to see more of my three horrible but also horribly adorable offsprings, head over to my Instagram @jacqlibra, I am on it 24/7, literally (as I am barely allowed to take any sleep by the three kiddos).

Feel free to leave me a comment below if you still read blog(s).  I'd love to, perhaps, write more and share more here.  Send me suggestion as to what I should write about!

Yours, still,

Friday, 25 March 2016

Monthly Empties | February 2016

The only thing I wish I have used more this month was face masks, but I stopped masking on 20th after delivery Monkey Romeo; before that I was diligently doing mask sticking to my resolution.

I'm planning, for next month I may group empties by whether I'd repurchase, or not, when I take pictures and type about them.  What'd you think?

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

USA Beauty Haul | January 2016

I have yet to finish typing all the words in this post, but because a friend of mine is heading the States tomorrow I want to get this published today.  I'll come back to edit/finish this soon.  *hopefully*

My sister visited USA last December-January and these are what I made her brought back for me.  There are still a few lippies with her which I'll for sure 'rob' from her once she has tried them out a bit.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Monthly Haul | February 2016

I was on my last leg of pregnancy this February, and I went into scheduled C-Section on the 20th.  None of the aforementioned stopped me from beauty-shopping though.  The best part?  My long-distance long-time girl-friend Sam sent me a big box of goodies from UK; I literally un-boxed it in my bed, at the hospital.  #cestlavie

Friday, 19 February 2016

Monthly Empties | January 2016

I realise I have quite an adequate amount of beauty trash to talk about monthly, so if time allows, I'd like to do it monthly this year.  Let's hope it works.


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