Tuesday, 30 March 2010

In and Out 2


Bronzers - I don't wear them enough and now I'm kinda falling in love with them.

Green tea - It's almost as easy to make as water when I use those handy tea bags. Taste a little better than water and perhaps a little better in nutrional values :P

Revlon 110 Really Rosy nail polish - this is almost identical to a Dior polish which i have forgotten the name of, very beautiful and 'gentle' medium pink, tending towards the grey side, (i guess?) it just costs hk$20 which is about 2 euro... consistency is nicer than nice and i love this! :P

Waiting for Souvenirs/parcels - 1 nail polish order on its way, and a lot of souvenirs from my parents coming back in a few days. so looking forward to both!


Camera-less - Parents took one with them to Europe, and my sister won't let me use the other one. Sad.

Penni-less - After splurging on 3 shu uemura palettes and much MAC, i'm officially poor :(

Friday, 26 March 2010

Nyx Makes a Mistake

(due to SD memory card fail, photo was borrowed from cherryculture )

I like Nyx cosmetics overall. This particular product, though, let me down. It is the Felt Tip Liner in Extreme Black. I bought this last year after watching julieg713 uses it in her videos, and waited for a '20% off' sale @ cherryculture (btw, that is not too big a discount considering I need to pay quite a sum for shipping @@).

1st down: It is totally water-soluble. You shall not need any kind of make up remover to take this off your skin. It will just go like water. Imagine how it lives on your lid... @@

2nd down: It is not black. It is greenish/bluish grey. Somewhat like the colour of old faded tatoos you see on others... = ugly :( well.. at least to me. There must be someone out there insanely in love with faded black with strong hint of mold, huh?

3rd down: It is not cheap. Nyx isn't marketed as an expensive brand, so I can accept worse quality. But I believe this cost about US$7...

However bad and the fact that I really dislike this, I am now using it frequently, hoping to use it up (or it to dry up ASAP)... there is at least something good to it, i.e. the felt tip is really well-designed and easy to use/apply on the lid for however thick/thin liner you desire. the weather is normal these days, around +/- 20degreeC so i don't sweat/produce too much oil to melt the lines I painted on my lids. Not a definite no to use but a definite one to repurchase!

Lesson(s) learnt:
- nyx is not necessarily good.
- there must be some possible ways to use up something that doesn't work... (self-contradiction?)
- think thrice before purchase.


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Breaking the Ban 3 (with Mac)

YAY for breaking the ban AGAIN @@

I got 3 lipglasses and 1 lipstick from a seller on yahoo auction. these cost me HK$240 altogether. what a deal! (they are all BNIB = brand new in box!)

I got Almondine, Ember Glow and Naked Frost lipglass;

plus Bubble lipstick (glaze finish).

some brief swatches on the back of my hand, from left: bubbles, almondine, ember glow, Bourjois effect 3D gloss in no.1, naked frost.

um... yes... so I already find a dupe for naked frost in my collection. Bourjois no.1 is slightly gold-er and lighter than the mac version but... so close @@ plus, side note, I always like bourjois' lipglosses' formula than mac... what the... @@


Breaking the Ban 2

I was tempted by good bargain and got the above. Gosh french manicure set with 2 nail polishes, 1 top coat and stencils for white tips. Normally 1 polish costs about HK$78, and now this set just costs HK$75, cheaper than 1 polish!

the french manicure set's instruction and the stencils~

Together with this set, I picked up 2 sets of the barielle mani/pedicure sampler. 1 set with 3 little samples costs HK$12.9 which I now think is not really that cheap :P anywayzz

Hail Watson's :P


40Q Beauty Tag - Part I


-How many times do you wash your face daily?
Twice. Just wiping with a damp sponge in the a.m. and ‘formal’ cleansing during my shower in the evening.

-What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)
Dry combination to extreme dry. It really depends on the weather but I feel like I am always dehydrated.

-What is your current facial wash?
I constantly have a few products standby in my shower. Right now I'm using a local salon brand foamless cleansing milk, and another Japanese cleansing foam with milk essence.

-Do you exfoliate?
Yes, every other day usually.

-What brand do you use?
Same as facial wash, I have more than one in use. Right now it is a salon brand lactic acid scrub, and another one from Yes to Carrots (which is very good minus the no-scent smell).

-What moisturizer do you use?
I love my embryolisse, thanks Claire!

-Do you have freckles?
Just a few dots right on top of my cheeks. Not 'too' obvious, but visible.

-Do you use eye cream?
Yes, but not as regularly as I did. I am too lazy to do that extra step @@

-Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
Not quite. Every month I have some bad-skin days but that only involve a 2 or 3 noticeable breakouts.

-Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

MY Italian Badger Buffer Brushes

So... I went to a beauty supply store in Jordan yesterday because I want to take a look at 'professional' salon brand shampoo which might help me build volume in hair.

After strolling some time inside my favourite supply store, I realize I have done enough research and would better take a look at other stuff. So almost instinctly, I turn my eyes towards make up brushes and false lashes.

False lashes, I already have all the styles I like that store stocks, so I focused on brushes. I found the bamboo brush sets which look close to identical as ecotools, but they don't appeal to me as much as these beauties I picked up. They cost HK$38 each, which is about US5??

I don't possess the version that coastal scents sells, but I reckon they will be basically the same, most probably made in china :P


my 2 new brushes placed next to a loew cornell 3/4 maxine mop.

These photos are taken after they're washed with tap water and then dried. They smell a little goat-like but fine for me (the smell only suggest that they're natural and not overly dyed/bleached!)

I may later post another picture of the 'mop' face brush of this brand 'colour2) and post it here too. That one is a very very good face brush as well! I definitely want to go back and get more of these high quality bargains!!!


Breaking the Ban

I got this discounted box set (perhaps from last Christmas) at Watson's pharmacy 2 days ago. It costs HK$95 (about US$12) and it was a great deal. Plus there was a free eyeshadow with purchase. I used some cash points (loyalty points, however you call it) and got HK$10 off (which is about US$1+)... So in the end I had this for ~ US$11

Nail lacquer in Rainbow.

From top to bottom, white eyeshadow (no. 244), trio (TR1 fudge).

close up of the gold eyeliner (009golden globe)

close up of the eyeshadows.

Gosh Rainbow on top of Etude house PP904 (excuse the ugly cuticle :P)

Should seriously restrain self from buying... except that, a few lip products are on their way... (I confess...)

Monday, 22 March 2010

My bare lips and the first swatch

my lips are naturally quite pigmented and 'pink'. wearing lipstick is never the easiest thing for me because of that.

my first swatch shall be 'the' Creme d'nude lipstick from MAC. it is the first back-to-mac product i got.

sorry for the appearance of the bullet. it melted when it's NOT too warm. cremesheen formula is really really soft. @@

Saturday, 20 March 2010

In and Out 1


a) Bourjois 10hr sleep effect foundation. The smell + the consistency are both nice. And it kind of mimics the 10hr sleep effect…

b) Painting nails. After neglecting my boxes of polishes, I finally find the ‘energy’ to paint my toes and fingers. The etude nail polishes are really quite decent for their prices. Nice!

c) Vaseline rosy lips. I adore the fragrance and moisture! :P

d) My room. After tidying up and re-organizing almost the entire set up of my room, I like my room so much now :D

e) Drinking water. Will this ever be an ‘out’ for me?


a) My volume-less hair. I think conquering this shall be ‘the’ challenge’. >< Perhaps I shall start practicing teasing, blow-drying and hair-spraying?

b) Wishing something I already know I have dupes of. In saying this I mean another gold/silver eyeliner and neutral eye shadow palette… GOSH @@

c) School work. To graduate.

d) My cuticles. Time to wear hand cream, seriously, regularly. :P

Friday, 19 March 2010

Make Up Ban, Possible?

Hi there.

This is my first official blog @ blogspot. I am hoping to treat this as a place to relieve my constant ache to wanting more make up by talking about what I already have, and how I feel, like and dislike about them.

As I have loads of products that can last me ages, if not centuries, I feel that it's MORAL for me to stop buying make up. Make up products do expire.

So, first of all, I'm banning myself to buying these products, for 2010, hopefully:

NO buy

- Lipgloss (these expire so soon I hardly even go through half of each before I toss them away)
- Mascara (I do dispose them after 3-6 months, but considering the dozens new ones in my storage -- BAN)
- Gel/Cream eyeliner (because I never use them and I need to KO the 8 or 9 pots on hand first. they're opened and used and drying up -- what the .. !)
- Liquid Eyeliner
- Liquid foundation (use them up! use them up!)
- Liquid/Cream Blush/Bronzer/Highlight
- Cream Eyeshadow
- Lip liner (I don't use these and I don't need these)
- Eye liner pencil

Then, there are items I shall reconsider 3 times, or more, before buying:


- Lipstick (because I rarely wear them)
- Concealer
- Cream/Stick Foundation (like these but I think using up liquids will be a bigger concern :P)
- False eyelashes (these babies don't expire but I don't throw them away either... given that I have hundreds of pairs of them in stock, why buy more?)
- Powder eyeshadow (I simply have too many; but who can resist some good neutrals and bronzes?)
- Nail polishes (Withstand the 'limited edition' temptation!)
- Powder Contour/Bronzer/Blush

Buy when I feel like (i.e. almost no ban?):

YES buy

- Minerals Foundation/Highlight/Blush (I collect them ^^)
- Eyeshadow primer (finding The One)
- Brow stuff
- Brushes and accessories

I have a few series of blogs to write in mind, probably I'll do some sort of a collection review first, along with some swatches or short reviews.



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