Saturday, 20 March 2010

In and Out 1


a) Bourjois 10hr sleep effect foundation. The smell + the consistency are both nice. And it kind of mimics the 10hr sleep effect…

b) Painting nails. After neglecting my boxes of polishes, I finally find the ‘energy’ to paint my toes and fingers. The etude nail polishes are really quite decent for their prices. Nice!

c) Vaseline rosy lips. I adore the fragrance and moisture! :P

d) My room. After tidying up and re-organizing almost the entire set up of my room, I like my room so much now :D

e) Drinking water. Will this ever be an ‘out’ for me?


a) My volume-less hair. I think conquering this shall be ‘the’ challenge’. >< Perhaps I shall start practicing teasing, blow-drying and hair-spraying?

b) Wishing something I already know I have dupes of. In saying this I mean another gold/silver eyeliner and neutral eye shadow palette… GOSH @@

c) School work. To graduate.

d) My cuticles. Time to wear hand cream, seriously, regularly. :P

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