Tuesday, 30 March 2010

In and Out 2


Bronzers - I don't wear them enough and now I'm kinda falling in love with them.

Green tea - It's almost as easy to make as water when I use those handy tea bags. Taste a little better than water and perhaps a little better in nutrional values :P

Revlon 110 Really Rosy nail polish - this is almost identical to a Dior polish which i have forgotten the name of, very beautiful and 'gentle' medium pink, tending towards the grey side, (i guess?) it just costs hk$20 which is about 2 euro... consistency is nicer than nice and i love this! :P

Waiting for Souvenirs/parcels - 1 nail polish order on its way, and a lot of souvenirs from my parents coming back in a few days. so looking forward to both!


Camera-less - Parents took one with them to Europe, and my sister won't let me use the other one. Sad.

Penni-less - After splurging on 3 shu uemura palettes and much MAC, i'm officially poor :(

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