Friday, 19 March 2010

Make Up Ban, Possible?

Hi there.

This is my first official blog @ blogspot. I am hoping to treat this as a place to relieve my constant ache to wanting more make up by talking about what I already have, and how I feel, like and dislike about them.

As I have loads of products that can last me ages, if not centuries, I feel that it's MORAL for me to stop buying make up. Make up products do expire.

So, first of all, I'm banning myself to buying these products, for 2010, hopefully:

NO buy

- Lipgloss (these expire so soon I hardly even go through half of each before I toss them away)
- Mascara (I do dispose them after 3-6 months, but considering the dozens new ones in my storage -- BAN)
- Gel/Cream eyeliner (because I never use them and I need to KO the 8 or 9 pots on hand first. they're opened and used and drying up -- what the .. !)
- Liquid Eyeliner
- Liquid foundation (use them up! use them up!)
- Liquid/Cream Blush/Bronzer/Highlight
- Cream Eyeshadow
- Lip liner (I don't use these and I don't need these)
- Eye liner pencil

Then, there are items I shall reconsider 3 times, or more, before buying:


- Lipstick (because I rarely wear them)
- Concealer
- Cream/Stick Foundation (like these but I think using up liquids will be a bigger concern :P)
- False eyelashes (these babies don't expire but I don't throw them away either... given that I have hundreds of pairs of them in stock, why buy more?)
- Powder eyeshadow (I simply have too many; but who can resist some good neutrals and bronzes?)
- Nail polishes (Withstand the 'limited edition' temptation!)
- Powder Contour/Bronzer/Blush

Buy when I feel like (i.e. almost no ban?):

YES buy

- Minerals Foundation/Highlight/Blush (I collect them ^^)
- Eyeshadow primer (finding The One)
- Brow stuff
- Brushes and accessories

I have a few series of blogs to write in mind, probably I'll do some sort of a collection review first, along with some swatches or short reviews.


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