Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Fist LUSH Moment

note: the photo showing my funny face with half covered in Lush, another covered with The Body Shop was gone with my corrupted memory card. so this would be a boring post w/o my lovely face.

So, I received this very humble sample of Lush mask (redemption of a free coupon that comes with a free newspaper :P) which was exciting as I have never tried Lush on my skin, smelling Lush in the stores clearly doesn't relate to this!, and I love freebies. (humble confession, i suppose)


Blend of fine oatmeal, fresh bananas, ground almonds and vanilla smells as tempting as a very posh breakfast, and even more delighted when you try it. Oats calm your skin. Ground almonds give you an exfoliating scruband bananas nutritious skin softner. Cleansing yet moisturising; just right.

I am preparing to use Oatifix on one side of my face, and The Body Shop version of this (I guess, w/o the banana :P)


Triple action in double time. Smoothes and conditions normal to dry skins with natural kaolin clay, oatmeal and organic Community Trade honey.

organic honey - Moisturises and helps condition the skin.+ Oatmeal grains - Help to gently remove dead skin cells without irritating the skin, leaving it smooth and refined. + Kaolin clay - Is a mineral that helps to restore the skin's natural balance. Helps to draw impurities out from the skin.

I have this Body Shop scrub/mask thing for a long time. ALWAYS love its smell and texture and everything. (USED to like its price as well...) I am up with the very last few applications of this and hence am considering repuchase. (not likely as I don't use them often enough to clear my 'mask stash')

The Comparison

Was it my skin or the products? They don't do much difference to me except a little smoothening and brightening, which most scrubs do. The smells are beautiful, although I still prefer the TBS version over the Lush. To be short? This is a good Lush product, not one that I'd buy unless: 1st I use up more of my cream masks, 2nd the TBS version is discontinued, and 3rd my other exfoliators do not work anymore on me.

What next should I try out from LUSH?

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