Tuesday, 23 March 2010

MY Italian Badger Buffer Brushes

So... I went to a beauty supply store in Jordan yesterday because I want to take a look at 'professional' salon brand shampoo which might help me build volume in hair.

After strolling some time inside my favourite supply store, I realize I have done enough research and would better take a look at other stuff. So almost instinctly, I turn my eyes towards make up brushes and false lashes.

False lashes, I already have all the styles I like that store stocks, so I focused on brushes. I found the bamboo brush sets which look close to identical as ecotools, but they don't appeal to me as much as these beauties I picked up. They cost HK$38 each, which is about US5??

I don't possess the version that coastal scents sells, but I reckon they will be basically the same, most probably made in china :P


my 2 new brushes placed next to a loew cornell 3/4 maxine mop.

These photos are taken after they're washed with tap water and then dried. They smell a little goat-like but fine for me (the smell only suggest that they're natural and not overly dyed/bleached!)

I may later post another picture of the 'mop' face brush of this brand 'colour2) and post it here too. That one is a very very good face brush as well! I definitely want to go back and get more of these high quality bargains!!!


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