Friday, 26 March 2010

Nyx Makes a Mistake

(due to SD memory card fail, photo was borrowed from cherryculture )

I like Nyx cosmetics overall. This particular product, though, let me down. It is the Felt Tip Liner in Extreme Black. I bought this last year after watching julieg713 uses it in her videos, and waited for a '20% off' sale @ cherryculture (btw, that is not too big a discount considering I need to pay quite a sum for shipping @@).

1st down: It is totally water-soluble. You shall not need any kind of make up remover to take this off your skin. It will just go like water. Imagine how it lives on your lid... @@

2nd down: It is not black. It is greenish/bluish grey. Somewhat like the colour of old faded tatoos you see on others... = ugly :( well.. at least to me. There must be someone out there insanely in love with faded black with strong hint of mold, huh?

3rd down: It is not cheap. Nyx isn't marketed as an expensive brand, so I can accept worse quality. But I believe this cost about US$7...

However bad and the fact that I really dislike this, I am now using it frequently, hoping to use it up (or it to dry up ASAP)... there is at least something good to it, i.e. the felt tip is really well-designed and easy to use/apply on the lid for however thick/thin liner you desire. the weather is normal these days, around +/- 20degreeC so i don't sweat/produce too much oil to melt the lines I painted on my lids. Not a definite no to use but a definite one to repurchase!

Lesson(s) learnt:
- nyx is not necessarily good.
- there must be some possible ways to use up something that doesn't work... (self-contradiction?)
- think thrice before purchase.


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