Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Fist LUSH Moment

note: the photo showing my funny face with half covered in Lush, another covered with The Body Shop was gone with my corrupted memory card. so this would be a boring post w/o my lovely face.

So, I received this very humble sample of Lush mask (redemption of a free coupon that comes with a free newspaper :P) which was exciting as I have never tried Lush on my skin, smelling Lush in the stores clearly doesn't relate to this!, and I love freebies. (humble confession, i suppose)


Blend of fine oatmeal, fresh bananas, ground almonds and vanilla smells as tempting as a very posh breakfast, and even more delighted when you try it. Oats calm your skin. Ground almonds give you an exfoliating scruband bananas nutritious skin softner. Cleansing yet moisturising; just right.

I am preparing to use Oatifix on one side of my face, and The Body Shop version of this (I guess, w/o the banana :P)


Triple action in double time. Smoothes and conditions normal to dry skins with natural kaolin clay, oatmeal and organic Community Trade honey.

organic honey - Moisturises and helps condition the skin.+ Oatmeal grains - Help to gently remove dead skin cells without irritating the skin, leaving it smooth and refined. + Kaolin clay - Is a mineral that helps to restore the skin's natural balance. Helps to draw impurities out from the skin.

I have this Body Shop scrub/mask thing for a long time. ALWAYS love its smell and texture and everything. (USED to like its price as well...) I am up with the very last few applications of this and hence am considering repuchase. (not likely as I don't use them often enough to clear my 'mask stash')

The Comparison

Was it my skin or the products? They don't do much difference to me except a little smoothening and brightening, which most scrubs do. The smells are beautiful, although I still prefer the TBS version over the Lush. To be short? This is a good Lush product, not one that I'd buy unless: 1st I use up more of my cream masks, 2nd the TBS version is discontinued, and 3rd my other exfoliators do not work anymore on me.

What next should I try out from LUSH?

I want these in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong has a lot of cosmetics brands. But they're just not enough for me. For instance, I come up with this ever-updating list. I wish my prayers won't be answered, for wallet-sake!


Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. (US)
As magical as it sounds, reviews I read on blogs are pretty possitive.

EOS lipbalms. (US)

Olay cleansing cloths. (US)

Embryolisse. (FR)

Neal's Yard Remedies. (UK)

Boots Botanics. (UK)


Clinique touch base canvas. (US)

Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid foundation. (US)

Sleek. (UK)
Pout Polish, Eyeshadow Palettes.

INGLOT. (Poland)

Eyes Lips Face cosmetics. (US)

Round Lipsticks. Jumbo Eyeshadow.

Rimmel. (UK)

Barry M. (UK)
want their Lip Paint, Bronzers...

Stila. (US)

Essence. (DE)

P2. (DE)

Visee. (JP)
Gel Eyeliner.

Urban Decay. (US)

Too Faced. (US)

Bigune. (FR)

N.Y.C.. (US)

Integrate. (JP)

Etude House. (KR)

Beauty Credit. (KR)

Milani. (US)
Liquid'eye eyeliner.

Covergirl. (US)

e.l.f. (US)
lip products, studio line

(this sounds funny, or is it just me? :P)

Essence of Beauty brushes (US)

Lipgloss Overview - June 2010

I realised I do 'not' have too much lipglosses and I can actually afford doing a collective review. (I used to thought I have hundreds of them but it seems like I have thrown away or put away enough to keep down the size of my stash)

Starting with my favourites. Reserve Naturelle lipgloss in pearl pink (not know exact colour) was gifted to me by my favourite French girlfriend Claire, who maybe better known on youtube as make up 'guru' Claire0147. Being a lipgloss, it has almost a metallic pearly finish and is quite opague. It is very pretty but not the easiest to wear. I had to pair this up with some brighter colours, in order to avoid looking washed out/sick.

NoirBlanc lipglosses are my recent purchases (yes i broke, again, the ban). They are very cheap and very lovely! (by the time this is published, I have probably purchased a few more)

Bourjois make good lipglosses. Very reasonably priced and very decently fragranced and applied~ the far left and far right are Eau de Gloss, which contain a lot of moisture (water is dominant in the ingredients, even in excess!) they feel so good on lips but do not last long. these 2 are the cosmic version, meaning infused with fine glitters (which can be finer IMO). i used to had a normal version (i.e. w/o glitter) but that turned bad quite soon. maybe within half a year after opening. perhaps the high water content attracts bacteria~

the 2nd on the left is a minty gloss, which claims to make teeth whiter with its blue tint. it feels very refreshing and soothing at the same time on lips. a tiny bit sticky though (like some of other bourjois glosses)

the red cocktail gloss is one of my all time favourite lipglosses. adds youthfulness to one's face instantly with it's bright clear tint. smells fabulously as well!

the nudey pink in the centre is another 'hg' of mine. being pink, being nude, moisturising and not pale! very good companion to pair up darker eye looks!

the beige gold colour has the same problem as the reserve naturelle on me. it's pigmented and metallic so when applied alone, i look a bit washed out. a very nice highlight to go with other bronzy, orangy or coraly shades though!

the clear glitter is nearly brand new. i just don't know how to use that! (it came as a free gift with purchase when i splurge couple of hundreds at a bourjois counter years ago. and yes, bourjois does work as standalone stores and counters at dept stores here in hong kong!)

my poor little mac lipglass collection?

my favourite has to be the viva glam something, which is the 2nd from the left. the rest are nearly brand new and i guess i would keep them for a while until i start using them... the 3 on the right came from yahoo auction and are quite cheap i believe... anywayz

FSP is a drugstore line of shiseido which was discontinued ages ago. this is the only lipgloss left (i used to have several more but they were either used up or tossed out expired). i do not understand why fsp is discontinued, as a customer, coz their products are SO good. i still own 3 of their eyeshadows, 2 of their versatile face paints and 1 of their nail polish thinner. i'm afraid this lipgloss may be the first to leave as it's getting old and used up ><

the blossom kiss pale gold lipgloss is a japanese tube i grabbed at sasa. not too much to say. clear, juicy and pretty.

esprique de kose gloss came in a holiday set. quite new, no comment?

nude bon bon lipgloss is marketed as 'OL-must-have' in japan, and asia. it is so true. i love this to death! whenever i have special working appointment, interview or serious events i will only think of this product and wear nothing but it! moisturising, elegant shade, perfect staying power and reasonable price are all of its pros! cons are... not the easiest to buy (so far i only see these in log-on) and only 4 shades available (as far as i know)

heavy rotation nude glosses. the darker 2 shades are almost close to the nude bon bon family, while the 2 paler ones are perfect naughty smoky eyes' friends. these together with the lip concealer are quite thick, moisturising and infused with coconut scent (and oil perhaps). like these so much i have a back up for the darker mauvy shade~

e.l.f. lipglosses are my girlfriend phoebe's custom purchase (is this an official term? well..) they all cost us$1 per piece and work wonder for their price! the plumping glazes with 2 ends are minty, feel esp. comfy on lips and give pretty glossy effect. the liquid lipstick are more pigmented (still sheerer than other liquid lipstick i suppose) and have a decently long wear~ these are great great products!

covergirl amazemint is another refreshing gift from a girlfriend from the States, Selby, who's a makeup 'guru' on youtube . We had a swap last year or so and this was in her package to me. the shade is very very pretty pink (i'd say universally flattering on fair to medium dark skin) and the texture is light and amazing :P

revlon gloss in nude lustre is another all time favourite of mine. i will buy a back up once this is nearly to its end (which is almost time). the colour is natural and looks good with any looks (almost). it is also cheap and accessible... etc

loreal tube is a good old liquid lipstick type. had not had that much use out of it, but coz the colour is great and hasn't yet turned bad hence is still here :P

kiehl's lipglosses are just ok. (there's still a french rose colour which is in my sister's bag when i took this photo. that was my fav out of these 3) but still... the best part is the peachy sweet scent, not the colour nor moisture (the glitters in one of these feel harsh actually)

estee lauder ones came in a holiday set and are not quite used, not bad, i guess :P

I LOVE CLINIQUE SUPERBALM lipglosses! i guess ultimately, one day, i will purchase all shades of this gloss coz it's really very very good! very moisturising, not expensive, colour is pretty (creamy and soft and w/o poor shimmer n glitter) thick and juicy looking without being too sticky and goo-y. decently long wearing and doesn't smell or taste badly. a perfect gloss in general! and did i mention it? all shades seem to work on everyone coz they're lovely!
except the maybelline one, all in this photo are souvenirs of love from angie my sweetest girl (a london student). my fav must be the high shine gloss from no.7 which is (again) discontinued.

nyx glosses are good. i like all of them. just wish the cherry-medicine could be replaced by another better sweet fake smell.. but that is not too bad, i can stand it still :P these are all creamy and pretty. my fav is the 3rd from right (i think) which is called whipped :)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Today's Favourites June 2010

This will be updated as my favorites change:


Pond's Cleansing Oil (the yellow bottle ) and Biore Cleansing foam (pink bottle)

Dr Hauschka Gesichts tonikum (in a very beautiful spray glass bottle)

Embryolisse creme hydratant a l'extrait d'orange

Yes to carrots exfoliator (just trying to use this up)

Eye Cream:
Clinique derma white brightening eye cream (the lower pot of the 2 white babies)

the net thing to foam up cleansers~ marv.!


none at the moment

Mayblesally tea tree conditioner.

Heat Protectant:
I don't use heat in my hair

a natural wooden brush from beauty supply store!


IPSA gloss water foundation or Rimmel lasting finish. I always mix foundatino with some shimmery base, e.g. eyeko cream (the pink one) or privacy #102 (japanese brand). Just to sheer down the foundation and use up the shimmery bases :P

don't need too much concealing this month (touch wood)

my new Beautymaker powder (with a faux diamond top)~ beautiful finish!

Everyday Minerals 'soft bronzer' (the palest pretty colour I hv used on my skin!)

Boots Natural Collection Blushed cheeks in 'pink cloud' (maybe my HG)

MAC mineralize skinfinish in 'shimpagne'

Eye Primer:
trying different ones

Eye Shadow:
everything in my CS 78 palette. (not from Coastal Scents though. LOL) And all of my baked eyeshadow.

Brow Pencil:
Sephora eyebrow pencil in 01. I also use a pretty neutral, almost golden camel colour from my CS 78 palette to fill in my brows. Very natural!

Eye Liner:
Bourjois liner clubbing

none coz i was intensively practising false eyelashes wearing this month :P


NoirBlanc, a right purchase!

Lip Balm:
Everyday minerals lavender murumuru lipbalm. I wish they will come back with the tin form. I hate their current plastic sticks.

Foundation brushes (like my MAC 190 and broken essence of beauty 'foundation & conceal')

That's it!


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