Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Recently Used Up #2

Some more to take note:

- Biguine attractive mascara (spectacular volume, high definition brush)

Like this a lot.  Adds definition and lengthens a little.  But I prefer a more Volumizing and curling formula.  Does not smudge/ drop flakes or creates spider/ bug legs lashes.  Good.

- Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Not bad.  But not a must for my skin.  Plus, it's expensive and smells kinda weird.  Skin does feel tighter and brighter slightly. 

- Biore makeup removal facial wash

Nice stuff.  Lathers well and leaves your skin fresh and soft.  Scent is adorable (the classic biore scent to me), which is the same scent of the biore scrub in pink tube.  Not bad but I might not repurchase, so much alternatives to venture out!

- Clinelle soothing skin toner

Nice, soothing, refreshing, slightly moisturizing.  I'm glad I have a couple bottle of back-ups.  It is in a good spray bottle and the dispenser is really good!

Monday, 30 August 2010

In and Out 3


doing make up on others - one word - 'fun'!

false eyelashes - i wonder when will i grow tired of these? they are so much fun to work with, and feel so much pretty-er when applied (compared to wearing good thick layers of mascara) plus being in hk, i am open to a huge market/supply of cheap/affordable options.

getting pay cheques - literally, how bad can this be?


working full-time in a conservative office - meaning can't spend endless time in doing creative, extravagent makeup ><

taking photos of self and products - just feel bored n dont want all that fuss

Friday, 27 August 2010

Recently Used Up #1

basically what i can manage to use up monthly (or weekly) are facial skin care stuff. However hard I try to use up body/hair/make up stuff they just don't go.

Hence, let me just keep a brief record of what I really used up and thrown away... (hence?)

- Dr. G spf30 (good stuff, would rebuy if the price is lower)
- Dr. G spf50+ (good stuff, might rebuy if cheaper)
- estee lauder advanced night repair (good for the 1st week, then not special onwards)

I'll try to update the facial masks (sheet masks) that i use up next time.


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