Friday, 1 October 2010

Time Capsule #1

in September, 2010 I wrote the below and never actually finalised it.  guess it won't harm if I just publish it and keep it as a record (or reminder). *edit: i do add some sort of half-year resolution though :P

Planning for 2011

- Use up all sheet masks
*edit: have been buying much less but stock is still over 200pc

- Buy and try Silk Whitia (raved by fuzkittie) and 美肌之誌 sheet masks
*edit: purchased both brands and love both

- Keep no. of mascara under 10, brand new plus opened ones
*edit:  don't remember buying at all (should be less than a handful) and trying to use up the current ones

- Find a good mineral foundation, in the correct shade and formula

- Use up (as many as possible) liquid foundation and BB creams

- Use serum daily
*not good at this one :X

- Do facial mask daily
*on and off, more deligent than last year

- Buy skin care in glass containers, preferably

- Venture into brands like Glycel, Sisley, Clarins and Embryolisse
- Venture into brands like by terry, chantecaille, Guerlain
*for the last two, i think i can postpone it until 2013 :P


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