Thursday, 23 June 2011

Beauty Products on my office desk

Hanskin 草 Facial Natural a+1 Toner (spray)

Comes in a bottle of 150ml, now it's about 1/5 left.  This stuff was a Korean souvenir/gift from a friend and I generally like toner sprays for mid-day pick-me-up.  (I also prefer spraying on toners as I'm super lazy in patting/wiping them for my day and night routines)

This toner smells nice, is refreshing indeed and not drying.  You know how sometimes spraying plus air-conditioning will suck out your skin moisture instead of adding?  This doesn't have that bad effect.  Probably because there are enough oils or other ingredients that can seal the moisture.  It also claims to soothe acne and balance skin PH, which I don't particularly have comments on.

Joseristine rosewater hydrating spray

A very reasonble (cheap) local skincare brand.  I have repurchased several bottles of this and this brand is now 2/3 full (a handy 60ml).  Very simple ingredients and smell deliciously of roses.  Also not drying even under air-conditioning, perhaps due to the glycerin or so?  A nice treat to have on the desk, even just for the aroma!

L'Occitane dry skin hand cream (20% shea butter) - big 150ml tube

I have several tubes of this from friends and family.  (Female in my cirlcle tends to send hand creams and moisturiser as gift to one another)  It is really moisturising, and has a smell of baby products (powdery, soft and lovely).  Not the most convenient packaging in the world though; with the metal (Aluminium) tube, you can easily end up squeezing too much, damage it in your handbag, not be able to make through to the last bit, etc... hence it ended up on my office desk, although I don't often put on hand creams. (I know, with my super dry palms, I should)  Sadly, handcreams are not keyboard's best friend :S

L'Occitane roses des 4 reines velvet hand cream - 30ml

Has the strongest rose perfume scent! prefer the shea butter one for more moisture and the gardener (below) for drier touch.  this is somewhat in between.

Johnson's soothing naturals Soothe & protect balm

a full 15g stick... newly bought on a drugstore (mannings, btw) sale... smells nice and very emoillent, not been using it much though

Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners hand therapy - 25ml

just less than half left.  this is less moisturising than the L'Occitane shea butter hence kinda suit my typing/writing work more.  smells very calming (lavender and some other herbs i guess) and not oily to the touch.  I have many more backups of this (note: also from my family) and would be very glad to use them all up

Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners nail & cuticle therapy - 15g

Quite new as i just opened it to use for a while.  1st impression, pretty similar to the hand therapy except it comes in a better packaging (PLASTIC!) and the tiny squeeze mouth is perfect to apply on cuticles.

Dr. G medi uv block suncream spf50+ pa++ - 5ml
Dr. G multi protection cream spf30 pa++ - 5ml

bought a bunch of these samples at sasa last summer or so.  love korean sunscreens.  need to reapply before lunch (walk uncovered to restaurant for 20+ min every day!), not oily and pore-clogging. nice stuff. too expensive for the full size though.  will definitely search for other korean sunscreen during my seoul trip!

the body shop HEMP lip protector - 4.2g

i think i have used up at least half of this.  not extremely moisturizing (as it claims) and not too yummy.  really just a mediocre product in my opinion. 

neal's yard remedies Remedies to roll *Relaxation* - 9ml

bought this as a set of 4 blends in UK during my London/Paris trip 2009 (gosh it was 2 years ago) and haven't been using them as often as I wish.  this particular one contains bergamot, lavender and something else, smells calming/relaxing.  just that i don't often remember to pause and apply this to my pulse-points.  = no time to relax, eh?


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