Wednesday, 27 July 2011

(could be) My Fav MU Primer

Guerlain Essence d'Eclat a l'Or Pur

Or in English, Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold Make-up Base.  Got 1 sample size of it as the price per ml and price for the bottle are both cheaper than the real stuff.  

Will I buy this baby size again? Yes, most probably.  (and I already have the 2nd sample in use)  

Will I pay full price for the bigger one? No, definitely.
The Good:
- moisturises well 
- make up applies above it nicely
- fragranted but not over
- gold bits are interesting

The Con:
- the price, obviously
- can't use the last bit up (in this packaging), hence various tools are employed to pull the stopper/pump out
- MU base may not be necessary for everyone
- these baby bottles aren't always available and sometimes (also) over-priced

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