Thursday, 28 July 2011

P10SC - 9th and 8th runner up

Nuxe Masque Doux Aromatique aux 3 Roses pore tightening & spot lightening mask

This could technically be cheating because on the day I started my P10SC, I bought a back-up of the Nuxe mask.

Bought this first because Laura ( originally from mentioned this in a video haul (or something).  Rushed to a Sasa right after work that day, looked at the price tag, procured, tried once and then stored it somewhere.

The one doesn't dry up like other clays (did I mention the Nuxe one doesn't dry up and tighten either?) and has not scent.  Both claims 'pore tightening' and 'spot lightening' don't seem to be too significant.  But well, this tube just lasted for 3 or 4 uses and I didn't even use it regularly, so... don't take my words too literally.

To be honest, I don't have a habit of using wash-off masks (clay, cream, gel, etc) before this month.  I didn't give or throw these away mainly because of the price, Nuxe is about HKD200 (which is, not that expensive but not cheap compared to my other collections).

I made it through this entire 50ml (not that much) with about 10 applications.  Used my hand at first, but later find the best application is using a spatula to take adequate amount from the pot, roughly slather on the face, then use a paint brush or mask brush to smooth it evenly.

The results should look somehow like this:

The results is soft, nice-smelling, clean and moisturised skin.  Not immediately cleared but I would say it is brighter and healthier.

It is good enough to make me pay HKD$180 for my 2nd pot! (kind of on promotion now...)

Not that fond of the one though. :P

**hope this is not too complicated as I find info of 2 masks tangle together in this post** :X

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