Saturday, 30 July 2011

Project 10 Pan – the 1st Official MU one


So I am officially going on a P10P, meaning no purchase of MU items until I totally finish up Ten MU items, with the following conditions:

  • Restricted not to purchase any Base MU (foundation and powder), Point MU (eyes, lips, cheeks), Colour Nail Varnish, False Lashes only :P
  • Tools, accessories, hair products, body products, perfume and skin care are excluded
  • I allow myself to do duty-free shopping and souvenir purchases on my trip to Spain (mid August)
  • Sample sizes of MU are included
  • If there are more than 1 colour in a palette, using up 1 colour counts as using up 1 product :P
  • Receiving Gifts and Souvenirs from friends or other purchases are accepted
  • This does not include my Asos order of Too-faced palette (which has not yet arrived)


Before I go on with the potential contestants (i.e. those to-be-used-up), I would like to venture into the endless wish list first. To be honest, to buy more things that I ultimately will be happier to have is the purpose of doing this P10P, down-sizing my collection just comes 2nd. So:


  • Everyday minerals blush in Like Lady Bird Lake, Sand Cherry, or Come What May
  • OCC Lip Tars, a lot of them! 

Erm.. Guess it is not good to make too long a wishlist. I can come back to this later on.

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