Thursday, 4 August 2011

In and Out 4

What's In?

- My pilgrimage to Spain will start in less than a week!

- Using up products.  I'm on Project 10 Skin Care and Project 10 Pan now :P

- Doing facial masks.  I have almost consecutively make it over 1 week, until I slipped last night. (due to packing). But I am sure I will continue working through my face masks diligently until I go on trip :P

- ASOS.  Spent over $3000 on this evil shopping site in July, and I'm constantly checking the site out.  Oh My.

- Scrunchie for my hair.  I've been wearing my hair in pony tail (or bun) 6 out of 7 days per week.  Weather is defnitely not favouring a hair-down!

What's Out!

- Buying products.  Yes, looking at how much I already possess, buying urge is quite low

- Working.  Not that I dislike working itself, but working 9 to 6 means I have minimal time to play MU and spend time on things my interests genuinely lie.

- Heat.  Not a fan of Mr. Sunshine and the 24/7 hot weather.

- My hair.  The health of my hair is pretty bad due to sunlight and my frequent dyeing.  Perhaps I should start intensive treatment, maybe daily hair mask?

- Boyfriend being extremely busy.  Only texts and emails on weekdays even though we work not far from each other.  Hell.

- Preparing and packing for my Spanish pilgrimage/trip.

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