Monday, 15 August 2011

Some Sheet Masks


ELG gel eye mask

Barrier Repair Faical Mask HA

ChoiFung Lypocene Antioxidant Mask

Silk Whitia Hyaluronic Acid Moisture-Express

My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron
My Beauty Diary Sunflower
My Beauty Diary Damask Rose

LaVie Quick Fix

Sexylook Marine Collagen (light blue package)

Hisamitsu Lifecella Trehalose
Hisamitsu Lifecella Ceramide

Neogence Hyaluronic Acid HA Mask

Foodaholic Green Tea

Beauty Mate Yamagata Cherry Nano Mask

LaVie EyeLab De-wrinkle Eye Mask

Out of these many, I have a special love for my "My Beauty Diary" masks, especially their present offer of better texture cloths (paper?).

1st runner-up are the Silk Whitia ones; 2nd runner-up would be a tie between Barrier Repair and Neogence...

Beauty Mate and  Choi-fung are good stuffs too!

Lifecella Ceramide is better than Trehalose...

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