Friday, 30 September 2011

Birthday Haul 2: Canmake, Dollywink, Lavshuca and Morgan Perfume

I went a little crazy (and happy) shopping for new make up and other things trying to cheer myself up.  Stress from work and life has been quite tiring and burdening and beauty shopping helps a little.  Mr. Boyfriend has been very supportive - although more stressful and busy himself - and accompany me whenever he finds time. <3

Dollywink False Lashes in No.2 Sweet Girly and No.8 Pure Little.  Each style costs $95 for 2 pairs, which is in my opinion, not cheap.  Heard a lot of raves on these so I will find a special day to dress up and try these.  Comes with Koji lash glue too, which is not bad as far as I remember. :)

DollyWink Eyeshadow in #01.  After buying this palette in #02 (black and hot pink) and another #01 (brown) for Joselin and Sam, I decided I need to get one for myself to try!  The texture is so smooth and colour payoff is good when I swatched it in the store.  Neutral shades are something I never get bored with and never have enough!  So I got myself a #01 too!

Skin 79 (Hot Pink) BB Cream keychain thing, which costs only $10.  I figure why not try one more - although I already have dozens?

Canmake Shading Powder in Shade 01.  This is constantly sold out on the shelves and when I see this in stock, I just grabbed one.  #01 and #02 are available in Sasa, not sure of other shades (I remember seeing a #03 golden one in japanese magazine, could be wrong though).  #01 is more neutral, while #02 is more pink, as far as my memory goes.

Lashes in flirty style.  I got these when I shopped for Sam's international swap.  I remember using these before and liked them so I got 2 pairs.  The glue are probably useless, but these lashes are natural hair and costs about $10 a pair only.  I feel like I never have enough false eyelashes in my collection and, well, aren't these lovely!?

swatch from left: centre of palette, 3 gradation in palette, cream shadow

Lavshuca has always been one of my favourite drugstore brands.  They brought out this Limited Sets of 1 star decoration eyes palette with 1 cream shadow key chain.  I saw it, and hestitate to get at first sight.  But the second day I saw them, all the pink version are sold out!  Just managed to pick up this BR (brown) set... I'm thinking of hunting down the pink one as this is really beautiful and a good deal at $98!

Note: as you can see, I have been doing some craftwork with my naruko packaging!  I find them quite easy to make and pretty cute~

Last but not least, a perfume purchase. Morgan - Morgan de Toi Eau De Toilette.  Got this at clearance, just HKD $28 and figure, why not?  Smell good, not particularly impression or remarkable or anything, but nice and lasts quite a while!  Haven't worn this out yet, as I have a little fear this could smell cheap and too ordinary (then why did you buy it?), but I will surely try wear this out soon!

♬ Random Notes ♬

✓Haus of Gloi has re-sent the full size Vice Bubbling Scrub of my original order. Happy!
✓6th sense is telling me Joselin's and Sam's boxes could be here anytime.  I'm so nervous now... Will I need to wait until next week?
✓My 2nd Haus of Gloi order is also on its way.  Got the notification email this morning - Excited!
✓Been using the Clarisonic Mia for 2 times, as I used it every other day for the time being.  Liking it so far, but I have trouble allowing it to dry.  It is so humid here in HK.. need to find a solution to this...


More Septemer Favourites (Skin Care, Body n Hair)

Continuing with my previous Make up and Perfume favourites, here are my top skin care and body + hair products this month.  I have been using products more diligently - meaning less lazy as to skip applying things - and paying more attention to items I use this month for I am really into blogging and rambling...  I am also trying hard on my P10P and P20BH... (click to check out what they are)... Anyway, here are the favourites:

Skin Care

**Haus of Gloi Lip Balm in 'Sweet Rosa', 5/5
I am so mad they are not bringing back this scent/flavour in the autumn release/collection! .\/.
Really like the consistency of it and this particular scent is beautiful!

**Dr. G Beyond Young Beads Beads Foam Cleanser, 5/5
Got this in a travel/trial set and I think this is one out of the 5 that I will definitely repurchase.  Leaves skin very clean without over-drying.  Help prevent and stop pimples to develop.  Smells clean and lovely.  Not too expensive.  Plus the name sounds cute!

**Mandom Cleansing Express - Age Care, 4/5
One of the most affordable cleansing water out there, and this leaves skin very soft + clean + moisturised!  I have tried the mositurising one before and I feel it leaves quite some residue feeling on my face.  This is the winner!  I will use up some of my cleansers (in particular my cleansing oil, balm and other waters) first, then I will go out and buy this again! :D

**Lush Cupcake (Fresh Face Mask), 4/5
I review this individually here.  Recommend this to normal-combination-oily skin year round, and everyone in the summer time!  I personally will wait until next summer to buy this again but so far I have been loving it in this late summer month!

Body and Hair

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Shampoo, 4/5

It is a clear shampoo that washes off quite clean, but at the same time extraoridinarily moisturising.  I can even sometimes skip conditioner when I use this!  Beautiful smell and gives my hair really good shine!  I like this very much indeed~  But I'm not sure of re-buying because I got this at clearance sales in Watson's (local pharmacy).  I think they probably repackaged or even re-formulated it; therefore, I really don't know will I get the new version of this :P

**Bioglo Red Ginseng Body Scrub, 4/5
Doesn't smell like ginseng at all, it has a beautiful fruity scent (faintly reminds me of Clinique Happy, or I'm just imagining).  The granules are smooth fine sand-like and doesn't disappear, unlike sugar or salt scrubs.  I already have a backup of this, and I'm glad I have.

**Biore Body Foam - Mild (Sakura), 5/5
Talked about it here.  It may just be another ordinary cheap drugstore shower liquid soap but this does the job and has high quality!

 Haus of Gloi Ghost Puffs Pumpkin Butter, 4/5
Not too sure of whether I will want more of this, but I'm really liking the slightly salty buttery popcorn smell of 'Ghost Puffs'.  The texture is also beautiful and moisturising.  I have already made my 2nd Haus of Gloi order, by the way!

Crabtree n Evelyn La Source Body Lotion, 4/5
La Source is probably the 2nd favourite scent of mine from C&E - my 1st being Gardener.  Compared with the hand therapy - which I have all the scents and use regularly - this body lotion is lighter and more spreadable.  I feel like I need a lot of this per application so it will run out pretty soon if I use on my body all over. 

As usual, those marked with ** I really recommend you try and I will surely repurchase, when time comes.  :D

What are you enjoying this month, so far?


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Camoflage inspired NOTD with Essie


It is simple, I just have Essie Sew Psyched on ring fingers, and Merino Cool on the rest.  I like the consistency of these.  Sew Psyched has a slight pearl base, while Merino Cool is just cream.

cloudy sunlight
cloudy sunlight
I used Nubar base coat and Seche Vite top coat.

nubar base coat on the right

seche vite top coat on the right
Merino cool on far left, Sew Psyched on far right


Another Random Red Lip FOTD

Didn't went out for lunch one day, bored and feeling tired, I decided to do some make up and paint myself a red lip.  I work in a half-workshop half-office environment, with all but one colleague being male.  The nature of my engineering work doesn't require me to dress up, generally we just need practical jeans and shirts, plus occasional safety shoes (the steel-plated heavy boots).  Note: maybe the reason I feel reluctant to do OOTD?

I don't go to site too often, hence I can sometimes be cute and dress like a lady.  But even if I can, I still feel unneccessary and uncomfortable.  Not that the male will pay too much attenttion to me, I just feel not blending in and too unique.  Also, I only wear make up roughly 2 out of 5 days in the week.  For the rest of the days, what I wear is usually sunscreen and lip balm.  Yes, not even BB cream or tinted lip balm... I do like to refresh myself with concealer and lipgloss throughout the day, but still I rarely put on full make up :S

Anyways.  A simple FOTD taken with my laptop webcam.  You can assume I wiped off my pretty lips soon after my pictures.  Too bright? :P

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Review: Lush Cupcake

photo taken after 6+1/2 applications :D

This is the 1st fresh face mask I have bought for myself from Lush.  I have tried a free sample of Oatifix (which I don't feel much about - it smells like banana) before, so this is technically the 2nd fresh face mask I used.  I don't have oily nor teenage nor problematic skin type to begin with, but the chocolate really appealled to me, hence I started out with this one.

Out of the small pot, I have managed to make 8 and 1/2 applications... Read until the end to see why *giggles*  For the price I paid (HK$147), that is about HK$17.3 per application, which is affordable - reasonable? I wonder.

Another Empties/ Recently Used Up

**Dr. G Beyond Young Beads Beads Foam Cleanser (travel size) - 5/5
Nice cleanser.  I will talk more on this in my Sep Favourites.  Check on this blog and wait for that post!

Shiseido Benefiance Daytime Protective Emulsion SPF15 (sample) - 1/5

FOTD/OOTD - autumn red lips

in the street
on metro (mtr), pls note the lashes!

Nothing too special, except I start wearing my H&M autumn jumper and digged out a red lipstick to wear.  The glasses are also for fun only.  (I don't have short nor long sight issues)

evil smile?

P20BH progress

Hmm.. So I am planning to do weekly updates on this until I'm done!  Let's move on to the used up stuff:

Barielle Ultra Soft Hand Creme SPF15, 0/5
I tried this and I hate it.  Perhaps it is not easy to incorporate sun protection into a hand cream?  It leaves a weird feeling on the hands, and smells horrible.  Did I also mention it doesn't hydrate my hand while giving a 'there-is-product-above-your-skin' sensation?  Bad impressions.

OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers - Jasmine Juice, 3/5

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

FOTD/OOTD - wedding banquet

me in my ultra messy sitting room.  note: shoes are not mine!
on bus
Hmm.. So basically one of my cousin got married last weekend and as a common practice here in HK, all family and friends go to a local Chinese restaurant (sometimes it would be hotel ball room) and have dinner together.

Birthday Wish Come True 1: Clarisonic and Naruko

Pink Mia
Naruko Stash


Last weekend I knew of the 10% off discount at a local beauty store, which stocks Clarisonic Mia and many other brands.  I knew it is the best time to splurge and get myself a birthday present.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Shopping Catastrophy + P10P updates

Shopping for a Swap is Castastrophic to my Project 10 Pan... which has already lasted for.. a century or two... officially started on 30th July...

I have been shopping for a swap with Joselin and Sam (click to link to their blogs), as I asked for some UK make up and beauty products. When I shopped for things to send them, I can't help but also bought some new make up.. Note: I also bought a lot of stuff for giveaway(s) that I plan to do in near future, so 'stay tuned'!

So, this technically bring my P10P up to another level.. It is now like.. Project 20 Pan!!??!!

Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 PA++ #23

RMK Powder Foundation EX 102 and 103L (on the left)

Kiss Me Heroine Make Brow Pencil 02 and 03

Pupa Luminys Baked eyeshadow #20 #10

Calvin Klein Brow definition Blonde and Dark Blonde

Red Earth Cleopatra and Gingerbread Man

During this phase of reviewing and tidying my insane stash of make up, I have given away a lot of them to my family and friends, as well as thrown away a great amount of really old ones.  Those I haven't counted in my P10P just because I want this project to help me figure out what I really need in my life, meaning those I really use so much that I can really finish.  I feel like I should rephrase or adjust my mindset... Indeed I want to down-size, keep my collection slim and healthy; that is try to use more up - give more away - than buying new things... However, to know what suit me best and what not is even more important.  If I always, forever, buy things that I don't use - i.e. useless - then I'm literally wasting my money!

Anyway, luckily I also used up a piece or two of make up, so my target is not 2558963775289 miles away from goal..

1) Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup in 020, 1/5
2) Natural Collection Blushing Cheeks in Pink Cloud, 4/5
3) Daiso superfine automatic brow pencil in Brown, 4/5

The foundation I don't care much for, as it separates into a weird mousse texture in the tube and even if I shake well and dispense on the back of my hand, then stipple a little on my face, it looks heavy :S

Pink Cloud is one of my Holy Grail blushes, see my poor swatch here, and my monthly favourites featuring it here.

I have an addiction to brown pencil and powders, for as long as I have known my mum, brows are the only thing she wears everyday, hence I know for sure brows are essential!  This pencil has a super fine tip and very handy brush/spooly at the end.  I don't use this alone as it can be a little dark, but I fill in the 'tail' of my brows with this one :)  It is also refill-able and super environmental friendly, huh?


Done EYES: 4 + 1
Done LIPS: 0
Done FACE: 1 + 2
Total products finished: 5 +3
Bought EYES: 1 + 8
Bought LIPS: 3
Bought FACE: 2 + 5
Total products purchased: 6 + 13
No. of products to go until P10P is finished: 10 - ( 8 ) + ( 19 )= 21 !!

Wish me luck with my Project now 21 Pan!!! 


Another Liebster Blog Award!

Annabelle gave me another Liebster Blog Award.  So I figure I will send this to 5 more bloggers, if they don't mind!

What's this?
Basically it's an award given to bloggers that have less than 200 followers.  This award will give bloggers more exposure and hopefully more followers.  Here I nominate another 5 blogs!!  Do go and visit them, follow them and give them support!!

These blogs are in no particular order.
Recipients should show their appreciation to the award by:
  1. Linking back to them on their blog 
  2. Comment on your chosen blogs so they are aware of your award
  3. Post the award on your blog !
Read more:
My previously received Liebster Blog Award.


September Favourites (Make Up & Perfume)

Yay!  So here come my 1st episode of monthly favourites!  I have to break this up into parts because I have too much rambling going on :D Please read on~

Make Up

Integrate Separate Mascara in Black, 5/5

Holy Grail! 

More New Skin Care!

I love buying and trying out new skin care, pictures speak for themselves!

Etude House Honey Mask Pack (Ginseng, Red Ginseng, Cactus and Angelica)
Mask House MultiFruit Yogurt Mask (Strawberry, Blueberry, Kiwi, Raspberry)

My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea and Macaron Masks
Tongrentang Swallow's Nest and Pearl Masks
Foodaholic Masks
Beauty Friends Masks
It's Skin Collagen Mask Sheets


  • Aqua Sensation Invigorating Day Cream
  • Aqua Sensation Invigoration Toner
  • Refreshing Cleansing Lotion

Laneige Multi Cleanser
Clinique take the day off Make Up Remover
OMI Peach Parfait Lip Balm

I will be trying out and adding them to my routine gradually, not all at the same time obviously!  so if you want to see a review or something, just tell me in the comments!



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