Saturday, 17 September 2011

P10P: A step backward :(

Done EYES: 4
Done LIPS: 0
Done FACE: 1
Total products finished: 5
Bought EYES: + 1
Bought LIPS: 2 + 1
Bought FACE: + 2
Total products purchased: 2 + 4
No. of products to go until P10P is finished: 10 - 5 + 6 = 11!!

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in #016 Bordeaux, ~$56 (in the centre)
Why? Because I wanted a fresh new tube of redundant dark red gloss that seems to mark the beginning of fall.  well. technically we have celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival here in Hong Kong on 12th Sep, that is the day I bought this lipgloss... how memorable :S

Revlon Photoready Concealer in 001 Fair and 003 Light Medium, $59 each
I have bought this for my friend's photoshoot and used it on her wedding photos, it was smooth and not too drying and high-coverage and long-lasting, etc etc etc.  Hence when I saw the sales going on I had to grab both colour for myself.  Necessary? Probably not.  Happy? Definitely yes.

MAC Eyeshadow Refill in Cork (Satin) and Pro Palette (Small)
I was waiting time to pass while my boyfriend was on-call for special assignment.  There wasn't too many shops that interested me in that plaza/mall/shopping centre, and there's a MAC store.  I have NEVER purchased anything from a MAC store in Hong Kong.  All the MAC I have is either from yahoo-sellers/airport duty-free/gifts/back2mac... I had no idea what to buy in the store but I just wanted to get something.  I went ahead and got the first MAC 15-slot palette in my life and 1 refill.  I was looking for Omega, Patina and some other shades but that store doesn't stock them... I asked the assistant for a colour that's suitable for filling in brows and he found me this... Now I'm happy organising my palette(s)!  Not that I have that many shadow pans to move around but it still amuses me! Sad, isn't it? :P

 palette of the day: White Frost (frost), Cork (satin), All that Glitters (veluxe pearl), Showstopper (matte)

Have you ever been under a project x pan and then fail totally, like I do??


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