Friday, 30 September 2011

Birthday Haul 2: Canmake, Dollywink, Lavshuca and Morgan Perfume

I went a little crazy (and happy) shopping for new make up and other things trying to cheer myself up.  Stress from work and life has been quite tiring and burdening and beauty shopping helps a little.  Mr. Boyfriend has been very supportive - although more stressful and busy himself - and accompany me whenever he finds time. <3

Dollywink False Lashes in No.2 Sweet Girly and No.8 Pure Little.  Each style costs $95 for 2 pairs, which is in my opinion, not cheap.  Heard a lot of raves on these so I will find a special day to dress up and try these.  Comes with Koji lash glue too, which is not bad as far as I remember. :)

DollyWink Eyeshadow in #01.  After buying this palette in #02 (black and hot pink) and another #01 (brown) for Joselin and Sam, I decided I need to get one for myself to try!  The texture is so smooth and colour payoff is good when I swatched it in the store.  Neutral shades are something I never get bored with and never have enough!  So I got myself a #01 too!

Skin 79 (Hot Pink) BB Cream keychain thing, which costs only $10.  I figure why not try one more - although I already have dozens?

Canmake Shading Powder in Shade 01.  This is constantly sold out on the shelves and when I see this in stock, I just grabbed one.  #01 and #02 are available in Sasa, not sure of other shades (I remember seeing a #03 golden one in japanese magazine, could be wrong though).  #01 is more neutral, while #02 is more pink, as far as my memory goes.

Lashes in flirty style.  I got these when I shopped for Sam's international swap.  I remember using these before and liked them so I got 2 pairs.  The glue are probably useless, but these lashes are natural hair and costs about $10 a pair only.  I feel like I never have enough false eyelashes in my collection and, well, aren't these lovely!?

swatch from left: centre of palette, 3 gradation in palette, cream shadow

Lavshuca has always been one of my favourite drugstore brands.  They brought out this Limited Sets of 1 star decoration eyes palette with 1 cream shadow key chain.  I saw it, and hestitate to get at first sight.  But the second day I saw them, all the pink version are sold out!  Just managed to pick up this BR (brown) set... I'm thinking of hunting down the pink one as this is really beautiful and a good deal at $98!

Note: as you can see, I have been doing some craftwork with my naruko packaging!  I find them quite easy to make and pretty cute~

Last but not least, a perfume purchase. Morgan - Morgan de Toi Eau De Toilette.  Got this at clearance, just HKD $28 and figure, why not?  Smell good, not particularly impression or remarkable or anything, but nice and lasts quite a while!  Haven't worn this out yet, as I have a little fear this could smell cheap and too ordinary (then why did you buy it?), but I will surely try wear this out soon!

♬ Random Notes ♬

✓Haus of Gloi has re-sent the full size Vice Bubbling Scrub of my original order. Happy!
✓6th sense is telling me Joselin's and Sam's boxes could be here anytime.  I'm so nervous now... Will I need to wait until next week?
✓My 2nd Haus of Gloi order is also on its way.  Got the notification email this morning - Excited!
✓Been using the Clarisonic Mia for 2 times, as I used it every other day for the time being.  Liking it so far, but I have trouble allowing it to dry.  It is so humid here in HK.. need to find a solution to this...


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