Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Birthday Wish Come True 1: Clarisonic and Naruko

Pink Mia
Naruko Stash


Last weekend I knew of the 10% off discount at a local beauty store, which stocks Clarisonic Mia and many other brands.  I knew it is the best time to splurge and get myself a birthday present.

I called and made sure they still have stock in the afternoon.  When they said there's only 2 sets left, I admit I was a bit nervous.  Eventually I made the trip and purchased it at hkd$1080 * 0.9 = $972 which was the best deal I can get.  A large beauty department store - Joyce Beauty - is selling it at $1400.  The only downside is if it ever goes out of order - touch wood - I need to mail it back to USA for repair and maintenance.  Hopefully it won't mal-function!!

It comes with a sensitive brush head, and 30ml of cleanser - which most online reviews say they don't care much of.  I am still charging it as it is recommended to charge it 24hr straight for the first time, to fully use the battery capacity.  I can't wait to start using it as so many people say this machine is life-changing and skin-rescuing, etc!

I also picked up two spare brush heads, as they are also 10%off.  There's a normal one and Deep Cleanse one.  I figure if they are really too harsh on my face, I can use them on my neck or other body area :P 


After hearing much raves from one of my favourite beauty blogger/vlogger Fuzkittie (youtube / facebook), and especially her overall recommendation on Naruko Skin Care (link to her video), I can't wait to rush to buy some Naruko products to try.

Naruko is developed by a Taiwanese 'skin care guru' who has much experience and knowledge on dermatology and products, etc.  This line is exclusive to a chain-store 'Colourmix' in Hong Kong.  The price range is pretty reasonable, but I also feel the products, especially the serums, are quite small in size - meaning I can finish them quite soon...

Rose and Snow Fungus - Moisturising
The first set I chose is the Rose and Snow Fungus set (well, except the cleanser and the yoghurt moituriser).  I think this should be very helpful now that it's getting into the colder and dryer seasons!

And then I picked up serums from Tea Tree, Job's Tears and Narcissus line.  Fuzkittie highly recommends the fundamental serum in particular saying that it helps everything you apply afterwards to absorb better.  Actually I didn't plan to get all of these at the first go, but the store is having a special offer, $100 off with $1100 purchase, hence we (tag: Mr. Boyfriend) only paid $1020 for this lot of 8 products.  Except the rose hydrator and rose moisturizer, all of the products are in sturdy heavey glass containers, which is good because glass can keep the formula stable and fresh for longer!  I will definitely start incorporating these into my routine and see if I like them! :P

The store even gifted me with 2 sets of rose scented body products.  May need to give away to my friends/family as I can't use so much body stuff up!

I even have a pile of paper crafts to do if I have too much spare time!

Note: Naruko products packaging are specially designed to allow re-usage.  Different boxes can be cut and folded into different paper container or dividers.... Lovely idea, agree?

I am looking forward to a happy birthday, indeed!




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