Sunday, 25 September 2011

Birthday Wish-List

My birthday is going to be in October.  I am just kind of listing things I may buy myself -- more likely dreaming of buying -- which helps to organise my messy mind.  I plan to have a suspension on my Project 10 Pan and Project 20 Body and Hair; after all, it's my birthday, right?

It is rather unlikely I will buy all of these -- to be frank, I won't even if I can... Some I can only get from online retailers, what a hassle... Sigh.


Lip Tars
I have been longing for these since they launched it!  They may not be the most practical make up in the world but they seem to be so much fun!  Shades I'm interested in:

Wearable: Melange, Trallop, Pageant, Grandma, Queen, Hush, Memento, Divine

Super Fun: Traffic, Lo-Fi, Safety Orange, Katricia, RX, Tarred, Vintage, Banjee, Feathered

Some links: Tao 1, Tao 2, Temptalia 1, Temptalia 2, Temptalia 3, Carly

**Clarisonic Mia**

Which colour should I get?

**Real Techniques**

Travel Set - esp the multi-task brush!

Eye Set

Core Collection

Brushes!! I love brushes!! I realise these are cheaper - to me, using my currency exchange - in US, so hopefully I can get them in December... If my training trip to Texas is confirmed! Excited!

**Everyday Minerals**

Wild Vines

Like Lady Bird Lake
Come What May

Blushes!!! I know I don't need anymore blushes but these mineral babies have technically unlimited shelf life, hence, despite I have more than 20 of these already, I want more!

Itahake Brush
This brush just look so yummy! (note: I know they are inedible)

Skin Care, Body and Hair Care...

Skin Care, obviously...

More Skin Care...

**Haus of Gloi**
Lip Balms, Autumn stuff, Winter stuff -maybe-...

I'm starting to get excited about October!



  1. the 18th! and I went out to buy the Clarisonic Mia already yesterday!

    so happy now! :D



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