Monday, 26 September 2011


An update on some skin care products I have recently used up, those marked with ** are recommended and I will repurchase them when time comes! :P

Mandom Cleansing Express Eye Make Up Remover (travel size), 4/5
Does the job, not expensive, not too oily, good stuff.  However I grow a little bored over using many bottles - maybe half a dozen - of this, plus I find it is not the most effective.  I am now going to use the Clinique ones I just purchased.  Sometimes, for eye make up remover, oilier is the better.  I always double cleanse my face afterwards anyway. :P

La Roche-Posay Respectissime Waterproof Make Up Remover, Score: 2/5
I would say it is literally the same as L'Oreal or Maybelling but with in different packaging and much higher price tag.  They all come from the same mother company, and I bet their formula won't be totally different, anyway?  Not a bad product, just isn't special enough to be considered as 'remarkable'.

Joseristine A3720 - H2O Hydrating Night Mask (sample), 1/5
Joseristine A1870 - H2O Hydrating Gel (sample x2), 4/5
Basically the same thing, with a little difference in the feeling on the skin.  The night mask leaves a slight rather artificial polymer-like film on the skin which lasts until the next morning when u rinse your face.  Technically this is how it locks in the 'moisture'.  I much preferred the lighter gel version, which is as hydrating as the night mask but doesn't give skin a suffocation. 

**Dr. Hauschka Lippenpflege (Lip Care) Intensiv (Intensive) Schützend (Protect) Lip balm, 4/5
Very nice indeed with one drawback only. It can leave a slight yellow tint on my lips.. which isn't too noticeable as my natural lip colour is quite dark - or pigmented, or medium pink, however you like to describe it - so it doesn't quite show. :)

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, 0/5
Not a fan of this funny paste residing under a layer of alcohol.  It is an over-night treatment to wear on potential spots or blemishes, which is definitely visible - a white clay - on one's face.  It kind of make the problem area dry up over-night, but not totally heal or kill the spot.  It has a layer of alcohol which 'protects' the bottom clay paste, which is NOT what you use on your face.  However, when I dip my cotton bud into the paste, it unavoidable dip into the alcohol also, and makes the application on my face painful...  To make me like it even less, the bottom 1/4 of this bottle is un-reachable by normal cotton buds, which make it quite a waste!

**Clinique derma white brightening moisture mask, 4/5
I just found and pictured my previous emptied bottle lying somewhere.  Read my review here, I still feel the same about this, and I need to buy a back up soon! :D

**Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser, 5/5
Got this as a magazine subscription gift, I have used this previously and always love this.  I do find this sample runnier - thinner - and less scented than the big bottle I used before.  The big bottle has a creamier texture and smell of traditional un-scented cream (a bit like prescription creams or simple baby care products)...

cream on the left only, obviously!

**Cosme Decorte The White Science W Force Cream (sample), 5/5
Good stuff.  It is a thick cream, tends towards butter side (think lip balm or Body Shop body butter consistency)... Nice scent, very nourishing, not heavy at all and I see the brightening results!  Not that familiar with this brand though, should do som more trials on this line and perhaps get some new stuff from them!

That's it. :)


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