Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Loving: Black Peony by Zara

I got a 30ml sleek bottle of this perfume last month when I was spending time in Madrid.  Originally I just thought I'll pick up something cheap and memorable, and I didn't know whether Zara in Hong Kong stocks their perfume.  I purchased a Zara Creme (given to a friend as souvenir) and this Black Peony, because they smell nice at first sniff, and they look pretty in the bottle.  lame.

However, when I got back and start wearing it.  I fell badly in love with this Black Peony.  It is sweet, floral, little bit musky, warm, and in one word 'yummy' on my skin!  One bad point maybe it lasts only for 4 to 5 hours on me, even when I don't move (sweat) in the office, under air-conditioning...

As I loved this new acquisition SO much, I began fearing I'd run out of it at anytime.  Hence I made a visit to the local Zara this past weekend, hoping to find this very fragrance on sale.  And there it is! Without being over-priced, how surprising!  I got my Spanish bottle at around 8 euro (for 30ml) and now I got my HK bottle for $259 (100ml!)  which is actually cheaper dollar to dollar!

(excuse me for the casual snaps of my big bottle, it's still un-used)

I would proudly say this is one of my favourites out of my stash of perfume.  Plus, this is super reasonably priced too!  If they ever make any Eau de Parfum version, you have my word, I will go and get more of this!! :P

If you read Spanish, continue your Black Peony admiration at this blog, which says it is a dupe for V&R Flowerbomb!


Update: 24th Oct, 2011 Added better picture.


  1. Heyyy!! Thanks for linking me in your post! It was such a great surprise for me!!

    I absolutely adore Black Peony and you have a chance to try the "Flowerbomb" you'll see they're practically twins! Also, have you tried Zara's "White Jasmine"?

    Laura ♥ LMH

  2. There isn't too many English (or Chinese) blogs on Zara perfume so I found yours when I google!

    I haven't tried White Jasmine, but I may smell it next time I visit Zara shops, does that smell good as well?




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