Friday, 9 September 2011

Lush Haul, Finally!

Went to a Lush store yesterday because I'm really longing for some yummy skin care.  Now that I'm on P20BH I can't buy any hair/soap/body bar kind of thing, hence I went for facial stuff.

I have done some online research and got exactly what I planned, 1 fresh mask, 1 cleanser and 1 (non-fresh) mask.  I also signed up for the membership/loyalty thing, so that I can accumulate points to redeem items, and a discount in my birthday month (which is October!)

Stuff that I bought:

on the left: Cupcake (Fresh Face Mask, $147/128g) - Smells delicious! Not only is the scent of chocolate prominent, I can really pick up the beautiful blend of oils inside, sorry, can't distinguish those oils thought!  Texture-wise, it is a thick, rather dry clay mask which is smooth but not creamy - complicated?  I have used this on myself and my sister right-when-I-got-out-of-shower.  Despite a bit of difficulty to wash it off, I love this!

top right: Mask of Magnaminty (Facial Cleanser/Mask, $99/125g) - Unlike the other two items, this is made in England - does it mean less-fresh?  Haven't try it yet :P Report here on my feelings later~~

Angels on Bare Face (Facial Cleanser, $129/130g) - Just tried this once in my shower last night, I might have used too much water and the 'paste' was too runny.  Nice smell.  Tell you more after a few more uses!

If you wish to see (insane) faces of mine applying, wearing and off the cupcake mask, here you go....


Excuse my seriously dull expression.  It was midnight and I was sleepy.  The last pic shows my n-a-k-e-d face after mask, with Dr. Hauschka Special Toner, La Vie eye serum, Boots No7 Eye Gel and Caudalie moisturiser.  

Anything from Lush is must-try, in your opinion?  Also tell me how you wash-off the Lush masks!



  1. i'm a HUGE fan of angels on bare skin! i use it as my evening exfoliator. i've found it gets way too runny in the shower, too! usually i'll step out of the shower and add a (BIT) of water to make a paste, or i'll use it after. the fact that you have to make it into a paste is the only downside of AOBS. the results are entirely worth it, though!
    lovely blog, by the way! i'll definately be checking back more often :)
    take care!


  2. I now use wet palms to 'make-paste' with AOBS, it is in the right consistency now, after multiple trial-n-error. However I don't think this is my favourite cleanser/exfoliator! I will still use this up gradually though :P

    thanks and do come visit my blog more often!

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