Friday, 30 September 2011

More Septemer Favourites (Skin Care, Body n Hair)

Continuing with my previous Make up and Perfume favourites, here are my top skin care and body + hair products this month.  I have been using products more diligently - meaning less lazy as to skip applying things - and paying more attention to items I use this month for I am really into blogging and rambling...  I am also trying hard on my P10P and P20BH... (click to check out what they are)... Anyway, here are the favourites:

Skin Care

**Haus of Gloi Lip Balm in 'Sweet Rosa', 5/5
I am so mad they are not bringing back this scent/flavour in the autumn release/collection! .\/.
Really like the consistency of it and this particular scent is beautiful!

**Dr. G Beyond Young Beads Beads Foam Cleanser, 5/5
Got this in a travel/trial set and I think this is one out of the 5 that I will definitely repurchase.  Leaves skin very clean without over-drying.  Help prevent and stop pimples to develop.  Smells clean and lovely.  Not too expensive.  Plus the name sounds cute!

**Mandom Cleansing Express - Age Care, 4/5
One of the most affordable cleansing water out there, and this leaves skin very soft + clean + moisturised!  I have tried the mositurising one before and I feel it leaves quite some residue feeling on my face.  This is the winner!  I will use up some of my cleansers (in particular my cleansing oil, balm and other waters) first, then I will go out and buy this again! :D

**Lush Cupcake (Fresh Face Mask), 4/5
I review this individually here.  Recommend this to normal-combination-oily skin year round, and everyone in the summer time!  I personally will wait until next summer to buy this again but so far I have been loving it in this late summer month!

Body and Hair

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Shampoo, 4/5

It is a clear shampoo that washes off quite clean, but at the same time extraoridinarily moisturising.  I can even sometimes skip conditioner when I use this!  Beautiful smell and gives my hair really good shine!  I like this very much indeed~  But I'm not sure of re-buying because I got this at clearance sales in Watson's (local pharmacy).  I think they probably repackaged or even re-formulated it; therefore, I really don't know will I get the new version of this :P

**Bioglo Red Ginseng Body Scrub, 4/5
Doesn't smell like ginseng at all, it has a beautiful fruity scent (faintly reminds me of Clinique Happy, or I'm just imagining).  The granules are smooth fine sand-like and doesn't disappear, unlike sugar or salt scrubs.  I already have a backup of this, and I'm glad I have.

**Biore Body Foam - Mild (Sakura), 5/5
Talked about it here.  It may just be another ordinary cheap drugstore shower liquid soap but this does the job and has high quality!

 Haus of Gloi Ghost Puffs Pumpkin Butter, 4/5
Not too sure of whether I will want more of this, but I'm really liking the slightly salty buttery popcorn smell of 'Ghost Puffs'.  The texture is also beautiful and moisturising.  I have already made my 2nd Haus of Gloi order, by the way!

Crabtree n Evelyn La Source Body Lotion, 4/5
La Source is probably the 2nd favourite scent of mine from C&E - my 1st being Gardener.  Compared with the hand therapy - which I have all the scents and use regularly - this body lotion is lighter and more spreadable.  I feel like I need a lot of this per application so it will run out pretty soon if I use on my body all over. 

As usual, those marked with ** I really recommend you try and I will surely repurchase, when time comes.  :D

What are you enjoying this month, so far?



  1. I absolutely love the way you take your pictures!!
    I would love to try Lush Cupcake!
    XOXO from a new follower,



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