Sunday, 18 September 2011

Newly Acquired Skin Care

So after my Project 10 Skin Care, I relaxed and allowed myself to slowly buy back some facial stuffs.  Some of them I paid for, meaning some are not.  Now that I have reached 10 pieces plus, I think I can do a 'collective haul' or something...  Please note that, as usual, my sheet masks are not in this category (Isn't this weird when I separate sheet masks from my other facial skin care?

1st are my Lush items, you may check them out in my previous post... I believe I will do a better review of those when I form some more opinion on them...

2nd is the Swiss Balance - Ultra Hydro Cleansing Mask I got from subscribing to ELLE HK magazine.  Not tried this yet, as I'm diligently testing out my Cupcake, from Lush, every other day.  :D

3rdly, the SK-II Pitera Essence Set which has a value of about $600 but priced at $450.  I know I maybe too young for this line, and my skin do not need such a nice treat yet, perhaps, but I want to try this when my skin goes really out of control or stressed... For emergency measures... you know... I will save the mask for really special occasion's eve (or right on that day, depends), but give the essence and lotion a try soon :D very exciting indeed!

Haus of Gloi Lip Balm in Sweet Rosa may be the best newly-encountered yummy-smelling lip balm in 2011!  Plus it is all vegan and moisturising, blah-blah-blah.  You may go read my entire HoG 1st order here!

My Beauty Diary Facial Mists are released around summer (i guess), and using these for a few weeks now, I don't think they are anything unique... Not particularly well-formulated or anything, just water with faint smell and moisture... Well, um, I am planning on buying real good rosewater and/or frankincense water to make my own facial mist when I use more of my toners/sprays up.  The offers in the market don't impress me enough...

6th new stuff: Skin Food Masks.  Frankly speaking, I am just curious to try the black sugar one, because I have a full pot of rice sitting in my cupboard, but I got all of these because the deal is attractive.  Reviews will come soon, when I use up a sachet or two of these babies :)

Do you want reviews on any of these? Just tell me! 


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