Monday, 12 September 2011

P10P update

Right before I started this P10P I knew I would go on a trip to Spain, meaning a couple visits to airport dutyfree shops and possible Sephora, Spanish drugstore and deparment stores. Hence I allow items bought in this trip to be excluded.

I will show those items in the next few posts, possibly, but before that, I need to confess I couldn't stand a very good bargain and picked up a lipliner the other day. A GOSH velvet touch lipliner priced at only $17 (HKD).

(picture not yet taken Hehe)

And then a few days ago I picked up another delicious looking pink lipstick, which costs me $52.  And I got it too.

So this forced me to introduce a new rule/counter for my P10P. Please check the interesting breakdown/calculation that follows. :D

Done EYES: 4
Done LIPS: 0
Done FACE: 1
Total products finished: 5
Bought EYES: 0
Bought LIPS: 2
Bought FACE: 0
Total products purchased: 2
No. of products to go until P10P is finished: 10-5+2 =7

Other products I have used up:

#3 Integrate Separate Mascara - holy grail material! i'm so mad this brand is not even available in Hong Kong! need to stock up on this next time i visit taiwan or japan!

#4 Fasio long & curl mascara - not bad! it really does lengthens my lashes and keep them curl n black and waterproof all day! still, i prefer the volume & curl more! :P

foundation on the right

#5 Sekkisei Supreme Foundation sample in shade P-105 - this is way too pale for my skin (esp in summer).  it also tends towards the pink side which isn't quite my undertone.  texture is fine and smooth but overall, doesn't impress me ;)

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