Monday, 19 September 2011

P20BH is now P17.5BH

I think I'm the only one on earth who's going to fuzz (is this a verb?) myself with so many simultaneously on-going projects; and I just mean these lame finish-more-beauty-products projects... What is "Project 20 Body and Hair"??

Anyway, here are some progress:

**3) Giovanni Organic Hair Care 50:50 Balanced Clarifying Hydrating Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair [travel size]
Phew! What a long long name!  In short, I love this shampoo, it really seems to master the good balancing formula... It smells of coconut - nice, comes clear but not too thin - nice, washes off clean and leaves hair smooth without a overly silicony feel - nice nice.  Wish the price isn't that high for this though!

4) Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector [travel size]
Not a keen friend of the Hemp line, despite claiming to be super moisturising, it does not much except normally moisturising my skin and leaving a weird scent (hemp?)... Gosh I still have a giant tube of Hemp hand cream to use :S why did I even bought the whole Hemp in London then?

5) Mannings Rose Hair Mask
Mannings is a local pharmacy/drugstore which recently (about a year or two) has started making nice products under its own name/label.  I believe they used to make it since years ago, but just recent years the products seem to have better reviews/feedbacks.
This Hair Mask is cheap, but does the job as a daily conditioner.  It is the 'quick' kind of hair mask that is supposed to be leave in hair for 1 minute, then wash off.  I feel like the scent is too artificial, otherwise I would consider continue buying... Now I need to move on to my Lavender tube (hopefully it is not as fakely-perfumed?)

**6) Biore Body Wash - Mild
Adore this!  The smell, the texture and the price are all amazing!  If I'm not on this project I'll probably just go and buy several giant bottles of this!  I saw this on sale the other day! :D


Full Size Done: 1 + 2
Samples Done: 1 + 2
Total products finished: 1.5 + 3
Bought: 2
Total products purchased: 2
No. of products to go until P20BH is finished: 20 - (1.5 + 3) + 2 = 17.5

** marks the ones that I recommend and I will personally repurchase, probably after this P20BH... (should I?)


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