Tuesday, 13 September 2011

P20BH updates

The Counter :D

Full Size Done: 1
Samples Done: 1
Total products finished: 1.5
Bought: 2
Total products purchased: 2
No. of products to go until P20BH is finished: 20 - 1.5 + 2 = 20.5

Sumber Ayu Lulur Mandi (Shower Scrub) in Susu (Milk)

Not really a bad product, given it is real cheap and does its job.  But I have come to conclusion that I don't quite like body scrub in pot form.  When I use this in my shower, water goes in, and in particular, the screw cap thing annoys me, as after I scoop out products in my hand(s), I don't have other hand(s) to screw it back.  This teaches me a lesson, that packaging really does need to meet one's usage/preference of application! Practicality is essential factor for user-friendliness~  That being said, I won't be repurchasing this (despite it is real dirt cheap), as well as similar packaged body scrub!

What I bought:

Vaseline body butter and Vaseline moisture locking cream...

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