Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Recently Used Up #6

** means that I would probably repurchase
right hand side only

1 Biore Deep Free - does the job to clean but nothing special at all

2 Sana Soy White Toner (sorry no pic, too lazy to picture this, it's the plastic bottle with a purple cap) - to be honest, i'm too lazy to wipe face with toner daily (or twice daily) hence i just use this up as a spray (don't know if it works)... not a bad toner but i'd really just prefer sprayssss :S

**3 Joseristine Rosewater Hydrating Spray (i used the old green packaging) - will repurchase this again and again.  smells good, is cheap and refreshing

right hand side only

**4 L'Oreal Hydrafresh Aqua-Essence (sample) - I used to love this product back when it was first launched (i got a pot of this essence together with a pot of pink cream i think).  But because it became too popular among many, and i have a little secret dislike of L'Oreal brand (can't tell why.. just a feeling perhaps?) i never re-purchased.  this was a sample that came with a magazine purchase.. i think i have like this all over again... and i will seriously consider buying this again :P

5 Shiseido Benefiance Creamy Cleansing Foam (sample) - with little beads inside and smells lovely.  not particularly impressive though.  but i'd be more than happy to use up the other mini tube of this!

**6 Clinique derma white brightening moisture mask (sample) - LOVE this!  Although I haven't noticed the brightening effect yet, I can feel the lovely texture and mosturising properties! I am not hunting (or have hunt) a cheaper tube online (since this costs $380/100ml in the clinique boutiques/at counters)  I believe this is an Asian exclusive line/product :P

7 L'Oreal Men Pure & Matte Facial Scrub - Bought this because it was (dirt) cheap.  Smells cheap (like cologne/toilette you will encounter on ordinary male-being).  Doesn't do much.  But doesn't hurt my skin (the only pro out of a list of cons?)...

**8 Comfortzone hydramemory cream (sample) - very nice texture, non-scented, mild and moisturising.  would love to try more of this brand.  is it spa or salon exclusive? no idea though.  i think i got this free from an online seller when i bought something else...

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