Sunday, 11 September 2011

Self-explanatory (random) Swatch (and review)

I got a little bit bored at work today. So I went a little bit naughty and swatched a litle bit of make up.  I apologise for the little bit of quality (poor quality i mean) of the swatch... I just used my office lighting and lovely little blackberry to take these :P

From left:

Hung hoo Mineral Eyeshadow #05 - 5/5

These are some of the cheapest baked/mineral eyeshadow that I own, but I love them as much as I love my MAC/Bourjois counterparts... As you can tell (from my love for the gold shade in the majolica palette and this shadow), I am really quite a fan of natural gold eyeshadow with medium shiny finish :P

Boots Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks #pink cloud - 5/5

This I almost finish! One of my all time favourite blushes it is!  It is cheap (5 pound for 3 when I last visited London?) and it comes in simple packaging, but that doesn't make it any worse than my other blushes!

Bourjois cocktail lipgloss #26 cassis tropical - 3/5

Everything is rubbed off from the tube except the sticker with #26 cassis tropical on! I think I have this for 5 years now (GROSS) and I'm just trying to finish it up within this P10P, if I don't, this will go to the trash when I finish!  It smells yummy with a fruity berry gummy scent, and very juicy on the lips.  Gives a cheerful berry/currant flush to the lips and lift my complexion quite a bit.  The downside? Besides from difficult to use up (it has quite nice lasting power on my lips), it is quite sticky (but not too much IMO).

Revlon Super Lustrous #040 Nude Lustre - 4/5

A beautiful neutral natural pigmented gloss.  Unlike the bourjois, which is quite sheer and just gives a hint of red, this Revlon is quite opaque and gives some colour.  It is pretty nice on the lips.  Not too long-lasting though.  This shade (Nude Lustre) is a slightly coral pink, perhaps 'salmon' to some people, but less orange.  Smells a bit artificial but doesn't bother me much.  I am in the process of using this up, as most of my lipgloss are not fresh and I am seriously wanting to down-size these easy-to-rot species!


Out of the four, I will definitely try my best to re-stock on the Pink Cloud blush.  The Cassis Tropical should be discontinued per my understanding.  While I love the mineral eyeshadow and Revlon lipgloss much, I don't think I will get the exact same shade in the future. (Let's say if I can ever finish them!)



  1. Would you like me to get you more of the pink cloud blush?
    I'm going shopping for you today and tomorrow :) xx

  2. @joselin of course! :D that's so kind of you!!



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