Monday, 26 September 2011

September Favourites (Make Up & Perfume)

Yay!  So here come my 1st episode of monthly favourites!  I have to break this up into parts because I have too much rambling going on :D Please read on~

Make Up

Integrate Separate Mascara in Black, 5/5

Holy Grail! 
Gives Volume, definition, length, holds my curl and super water proof for all day long.  I will stock up on this if I know anyone is going to taiwan again!  (because Integrate is priced the cheapest at TW!)

Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in Pink Cloud, 4/5
It has a -1 mark because of its packaging! I think not long after I hit pan, which didn't take much time as there is little amount of product (!), the blush shattered inside.  I managed to keep it as it is and use it carefully becuase I really love this colour.  The powder is okay, not chalky, not super silky (it is just 1 or 2 GBP at boots!), but the pink is so flattering on me! LOVE it.  I am now relief and happy to give this last bit a good use as I know Joselin is sending me a back up in our swap!  Thanks, Joselin! :D

Everyday Minerals Dome Blending Eye Brush, 5/5
I love to apply undereye concealer with this, and this month, his team-mate is Bobbi Brown, see below!  This brush is so amazing I went to buy 2 when my 1st one was dropped by silly me on a mini-bus (yes I DO do my make up on public transport, sometimes)... I love this brush and it is surprisingly easy to wash without any shedding!  Last but not least, it is also reasonably cheap! 

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Sand and Sheer Finish Loose Powder in Pale Yellow, 5/5 and 4/5
This is my 1st Bobbi Brown product ever!  I asked my boyfriend to pick this up for me at a CCO when he went to the States for business trip.  I also got another one in beige also.  Sand is the paler of the two and to be honest, I think both shades work for my skin tone perfectly.  (Well.. Perhaps I haven't test them enough under different lights...)  This is creamy, but not extremely moisturising.  I can blend it easily with the everyday minerals brush mentioned above, or with my fingers.  Aside from undereye area, it is also good for around the nose or on other blemishes - probably because I have dry to normal skin without too much oil - and it doesn't melt throughout the day.
The powder is also lovely when used to set the undereye area, it does brighten the area and sets the concealer in place.

Revlon Photoready Concealer in 003 Light Medium, 5/5
I like to apply this quite liberally on my face -hello freckles- and around the nose -many visible capillaries due to my hayfever-... and then blend with my fingers or sponge (just any foundation sponge).  I also tried this under my eyes and work just as fine!  I am glad I find another good concealer that I love, at a good price!

Beautymaker Zero Pore Loose Powder, 4/5
It does make my pores appear smaller visually, enough said.  However with more usage this month, I do find it tends to have flash-back white on my face... Need to try more to confirm this, but still liking it!


Zara 'Black Peony' Eau de Toilette

Definitely one of my top fragrances!  It is affordable and beautiful.  I can't describe it more than floral, vanilla-y and extremely pretty!  Maybe quite girly but I do love it!  It doesn't last too long on my skin (it's a eau de toilette for your information) but given the low price and portable 30ml bottle, I have no problem re-applying it whenever I need or want!  I talked about it here, and may I add once more, I really love it and I will repurchase it again and again!  Zara, please make this into a eau de perfume if you can!

Bath n Body Works Fragrance Mist 'Secret Wonderland' and 'Moonlight Walk'

Co-incidentally these are both in the same purple bottle.  My boyfriend got these for me together with a twilight woods one (obviously that one in brown bottle) during his trip also.  These may be one of the easiest ways to wear a scent - except perhaps in a shower gel or light-weight lotion.. I love to refresh my clothes or hair or office area with this whenever I feel a little dull.  Also I spray this before bed or just when I wake up, just to give myself some nice thing to breathe in :)  Both are sweet and calming scents, sorry I can't give better descriptions!

Lunableu 'Rice Flower & Shea' and 'Flowerbomb Type' EDP Mister (the two on the right)

I bought these back when I didn't earn enough to buy real fragrances, and Lunableu was on sale.  Rice Flower & Shea is supposed to be a BBW best seller (or classics) and because I don't have a BBW here, I wanted to try this.  Turned out to be super lovely and yummy on me!  My boyfriend asks why do you smell like coconuts whenever I wear this... It doesn't smell that coconut in my opinion but rather more like a sweetened floral version of shea butter cream...

Flowerbomb is another fragrance which has been on my wish list for quite some time.  I'm reserved from its price tag and it is not too accessible also.  This is a lady like scent to me and I like to smell it on myself.

That's it for now.. Quite a long post!  What's your favourite or most-worn items this month?  Share with me too!



  1. I sure have got you a back up :D you should receive your box this week! I may pick one up for myself as I agree that the colour looks so pretty! I want to try the bobbi brown creamy concealer! I have heard mixed reviews though :S


  2. I will definitely do a blogpost when I receive your box! Can't wait! :D The blush is really pretty, I believe it will suit you too! The bobbi brown is okay, not the most moisturising concealer but definitely above average! Occasionally it can feel lil' bit dry but coverage is very good. Haven't try the new pressed powder version though :P



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