Monday, 26 September 2011

Shopping Catastrophy + P10P updates

Shopping for a Swap is Castastrophic to my Project 10 Pan... which has already lasted for.. a century or two... officially started on 30th July...

I have been shopping for a swap with Joselin and Sam (click to link to their blogs), as I asked for some UK make up and beauty products. When I shopped for things to send them, I can't help but also bought some new make up.. Note: I also bought a lot of stuff for giveaway(s) that I plan to do in near future, so 'stay tuned'!

So, this technically bring my P10P up to another level.. It is now like.. Project 20 Pan!!??!!

Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 PA++ #23

RMK Powder Foundation EX 102 and 103L (on the left)

Kiss Me Heroine Make Brow Pencil 02 and 03

Pupa Luminys Baked eyeshadow #20 #10

Calvin Klein Brow definition Blonde and Dark Blonde

Red Earth Cleopatra and Gingerbread Man

During this phase of reviewing and tidying my insane stash of make up, I have given away a lot of them to my family and friends, as well as thrown away a great amount of really old ones.  Those I haven't counted in my P10P just because I want this project to help me figure out what I really need in my life, meaning those I really use so much that I can really finish.  I feel like I should rephrase or adjust my mindset... Indeed I want to down-size, keep my collection slim and healthy; that is try to use more up - give more away - than buying new things... However, to know what suit me best and what not is even more important.  If I always, forever, buy things that I don't use - i.e. useless - then I'm literally wasting my money!

Anyway, luckily I also used up a piece or two of make up, so my target is not 2558963775289 miles away from goal..

1) Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup in 020, 1/5
2) Natural Collection Blushing Cheeks in Pink Cloud, 4/5
3) Daiso superfine automatic brow pencil in Brown, 4/5

The foundation I don't care much for, as it separates into a weird mousse texture in the tube and even if I shake well and dispense on the back of my hand, then stipple a little on my face, it looks heavy :S

Pink Cloud is one of my Holy Grail blushes, see my poor swatch here, and my monthly favourites featuring it here.

I have an addiction to brown pencil and powders, for as long as I have known my mum, brows are the only thing she wears everyday, hence I know for sure brows are essential!  This pencil has a super fine tip and very handy brush/spooly at the end.  I don't use this alone as it can be a little dark, but I fill in the 'tail' of my brows with this one :)  It is also refill-able and super environmental friendly, huh?


Done EYES: 4 + 1
Done LIPS: 0
Done FACE: 1 + 2
Total products finished: 5 +3
Bought EYES: 1 + 8
Bought LIPS: 3
Bought FACE: 2 + 5
Total products purchased: 6 + 13
No. of products to go until P10P is finished: 10 - ( 8 ) + ( 19 )= 21 !!

Wish me luck with my Project now 21 Pan!!! 



  1. Oh Gosh, it's been ages since I last heard from Pupa! I don't mean it in a bad way, i love the brand and it's sad that it's not marketed enough in my country... Those baked eyeshadows are just fantastic!

  2. pupa backed eyeshadow are really good! I have quite a few of them! our local beauty chainstore Sasa carries Pupa. I always get them on sale though :P



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