Friday, 9 September 2011

These are too old.

Just throwing away two old lip products which I don't think I'd ever use again.  There's also a Majolica Majorca which I'm considering tossing.  Just not too sure on that yet...

1st - a DIY palette I made
making a lip palette with colours i never wear may not be a very good idea, because turned out, i never use this palette at all...

Kiehl's Lipgloss in French Rose

very yummy peachy flavour but the colour and texture is not my favourite..

Majolica Majorca eyeshadow palette in BR762 (on the left)
dislike the silvery-white cream shadow.  it is too bright, too superficial for my skin tone.   plus the gold flakes/glitters don't stick to the skin... maybe it's my application, maybe this palette is too old.. (note: i have this for about 3 years? bet cream products shouldnt be good after so long)

the gold shade is my favourite (obviously) and it is my perfect lid/all-over shade.  i have been on a hunt for a dupe for this, because majolica products do phase out quite soon (i believe this palette is already discontinued by now)... the hunt was never over, and about a year ago i bought a back-up of this palette (yes, just because of 1 shade)... Still, i wish i can find a dupe for this gold!

the green n brown i don't have much feelings of, mainly because they are quite sheer and cool-toned.  i look better with warm browns than cool browns. :P

What is your advice? Toss the palette because the white is expired and gold is used up, or keep it because the green and brown could be of use?

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