Monday, 31 October 2011

Skin Care Weekly Journal 2011 Oct (Part 1)

I am just bored and wanted to start a new series on Skin Care.  As I'm constantly trying new things and not bothered to write long detailed reviews on individual item, it may be good to just record down mini comments on what I tried and used.  Also for record purpose, to note how my skin behaves and reacts during different time of the year/month and respond to products. :S  Not much details are provided, if you want reviews or anything, just comment below.  Thanks.

Note: I use quite a lot of products and I sometimes do not think about why and how I use them.  That's me.


Morning:  Splashed face with water, pat dry with a towel.  Naruko Rose n Snow Fungus Moisturiser applied with Muji Cotton Pads (the raw un-bleached kind).  Naruko RSF Serum - 1 pump.  Dr. Hauschka Light Rose Cream.  Threla Lavender Lip Balm.

Night: Wash face in shower using St. Ives whitening scrub.  After shower, Naruko RSF Moisturiser with Muji cotton pads.  Naruko Narcissus Fundamental serum - 1 pump.  Boots Botanics Face Super Balm, tiny bit melt between fingers, then pressed on top of cheekbones/outer corners of eyes to smooth fine lines around eyes.  Carmex tube lip balm.  Dr. Hauschka Rose cream light.


Morning: Splashed face with water, pat dry with a towel.  Naruko Rose n Snow Fungus Moisturiser applied with Muji Cotton Pads.  Naruko RSF Serum - 1 pump.  Dr. Hauschka Light Rose Cream.

Night:  Make up removed with Biore dual-phase eye make up remover + Lily Bell cotton pads (much better than Muji).  Clarisonic Mia with My Beauty Diary Strawberry cleanser in the shower.  Naruko Rose SF Moisturiser with Muji cotton pads.  Naruko Narcissus total defense fundamental serum.  LaVie De-wrinkle eye cream.  Naruko Rose SF Serum.  Dr. Hauschka Light Rose Cream.  Naruko Rose SF Night Eye Gelly.  Carmex tube.


Morning:  Spalshed with water.  Naruko Rose SF Moisturiser with Muji cotton pads.  Naruko Rose SF serum.  Carmex tube.

Night: Clinique take the day off MU remover with Suzuran Lily Bell cotton pads (the best).  Mandom age care cleansing water with same cotton pads. shower.  Naruko Rose SF Moisturiser with Muji cotton pads (dislike).  Naruko Narcissus fundamental serum.  Methode Swiss Radiant Resilience Reviver (serum) on freckles.  LaVie Dark Circles eye cream.  Naruko Rose serum.  Dr. Hauschka Light Rose Cream.


Morning:  Splashed with water.  Naruko Rose Moisturiser with Suzuran Attirer cotton pads (not as good as lily bell).  Naruko Rose serum.  Hera sun mate leports spf50+.

Night:  Clarisonic Mia with Beauty Diary Aloe cleanser.  Skin Food Black Sugar Mask - smells lime or citrus, very very gritty and sandy.  (Is it too much exfoliation in 1 night?  but my skin glows after the black sugar!)  Nivea aqua sensation toner with Suzuran Attirer cotton pads.  Naruko Narcissus Fundamental Serum.  LaVie dark circles correcting eye cream.  Kiehl's Botanical Brightening Essence.  Naruko Rose SF Serum.  Carmex.


Morning:  Water.  Naruko Rose SF Moisturizer with Attirer cotton pads.  Kiehl's Botanical Brightening Essence.  Hera sun mate leports spf50+.

Night: Clinique take-the-day-off, Mandom Age Care cleansing water, LUSH AOBS - angels on bare skin.  Dr. Hauschka toner spray, Naruko Rose Moisturiser, Narcissus Fundamental Serum, Kiehl's Botanical Brightening Essence, LaVie Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream.

Morning: Water, Dr. Hauschka toner, Naruko Rose Moisturiser, Rose Serum, Hera sun mate leports spf50+ mixed with Lush Colour Supplement.

Night: Clinique take the day off, Avene + Nuxe cleansing water.  Dr. Hauschka toner, Naruko Rose Moisturiser.  Botanics Face Super Balm around nose.  LaVie Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream.  Kiehl's Botanical Brightening Essence.  CarmexNaruko Rose Night Eye Gelly, Night Gelly.


Morning:  Water, Naruko Rose Moisturiser. Naruko Rose Serum.  (forgotten the rest)

Night:  Bourjois make up removal wipes (in purple package), Clinique take-the-day-off with Suzuran Attirer puff, Clarisonic Mia with beauty diary aloe cleanser.  Naruko Rose Moisturiser, Serum.  Dr. Hauschka Light Rose Cream.  Carmex. 

Conclusion/ Reminder to self.
  • I have been quite lazy to do facials this week, need to work on my masks more.
  • Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus line is amazing.  AMAZING.  Now I want to try their heavier-more-moisturising cream. :D  I don't mind buying/using the whole Naruko brand at all!
  • Add a more moisturising cream at night.
  • Wear sunscreen!!

If you want a more detailed review on any of the products (there are about 23 of them!) mentioned above, just comment below.  Sooner or later I may get around doing it.  :P


End of October Empties

As I have managed to write-up a mid-Oct empties post earlier on this month, I really don't have that many items to share by the end of October... Though I still managed to used up a few, mainly samples!  Read on~

✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧

Skin Care

Mandom cleansing express Age Care Cleansing Lotion  Rating: 5/5
Used this with cotton pads to wipe off face make up or really basic sunscreen kind of face, at the end of the day.  Leaves skin clean, moisturised but not oily nor sticky.  Will repurchase.
Probably one of the better cleansing waters I have tried.  FYI, I have tried the all the Bioderma ones, the other Mandom ones and some French generic offerings... among others.  I might do a comparsion of this with the Nuxe and Avene one I recently acquired - well, that I still have yet to use up.

Hera Sun Mate Leports SPF50+  Rating: 4/5
I think I like this more than many of my other sunscreens.  Quite heavily perfumed, no white cast, not too thick, not too thin, easy to blend.  This was a free sample at the Hera counter, from the angelic sales assistant (beautiful and sweet).  Just a note: if you'd ever shop in Korea for (high-end) beauty products - if you don't want samples, buy at duty free when you leave the country - so much cheaper; but if you want excellent services and extraordinarily generous samples - go to department store counters.
I might repurchase this if I run out of sunscreen again - yes this happened this summer so I stocked up on them on my Korean trip in June.  Now I have dozens of them to go through.

Kiehl's Botanical Brightening Essence (sample)  Rating: 3/5
Not bad.  This lasted me for quite a few uses, maybe 3 to 4 days?  I used this day and night as one of my serums - yes I layer multiple of them.  Will use up the other sample to give a conclusion.  Like the consistency but not sure of the 'brightening' effect.

Skin Food Black Sugar  Rating: 3/5
Okay.  Wouldn't mind using a few more packs but not very soothing.  It feels like a rough sugar scrub on the face, smells citrus-y - I'd prefer more sweet and soft scent instead.  The reason why it still scores 3/5 instead of lower marks is because it leaves my skin shiningly glowy!  Love the effect, don't quite like the feeling of using it though...

✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧

Body and Hair

Mannings Lavender Scrub  Rating: 0/5
Smells artificial.  Poorly formulated.  To me it is like cheap gel detergent with the weakest round exfoliating beads incorporated - foaming but not cleansing/exfoliating in the right way.
Recommend? No
Repurchase? No
Biore Body Foam - Refresh  Rating: 3/5
I got this at the same time as my first 'Mild' (the pink bottle) and I thought I would love this better - turned out I adore the Mild one, and now after trying out the Moisture, I would say this is my least favourite among the three.  Smells decent but out of the 3 it is most drying and not-special.
Recommend? Yes if you like fresh apple scent and foaming body wash.
Repurchase? No, I will use up my back up and then focus on the Mild (pink) or the Moisture (purple) instead.
Crabtree n Evelyn Summer Hill Hand Therapy (travel size) Rating: 4/5
These hand therapy all work similarly (I mean different scents).  Summer Hill is nice.  Hand Therapy moisturises without leaving skin too oily for my computer or paper work.  But they don't last too well, especially when one washes her hands.
Recommend? Yes for this formula, as well as this scent!
Repurchase? Probably, but I have tonnes of other hand creams to go through!  Plus I'd probably get other scents if I re-buy :P
Charles Worthington Moisture-Seal Shampoo Rating: 4/5
This was in my last monthly favourites.  I like this a lot.  Read that post for more info on this.
Recommend? Yes but I'm not sure if they still make the same thing
Repurchase? Not sure

JimmBENNY Sweet Almond Oil Rating: 1/5
It is supposed to be mixed with those essential oils to blend your own massage oil or whatever usage... I just used this as it is for my body... However, I don't think this works on its own (and I guess the same for blending purposes).  This oil is too thick in consistency and leaves a sticky residue on the skin.  I admit I apply this very generously - for the sake of using it up and keeping my skin moisturised.  But the nature of this oil just doesn't work well for my skin.

Recommend? No
Repurchase? No

Pantene Clinicare purple Color/Perm Damage Repair Treatment (sample *2) 
 Rating: 4/5
Nice conditioning hair mask.  Smells like other clinicare products.  For shampoo I prefer the blue and the pink/orange.  For conditioner and treatment, I like all from the line.  More info on the Pantene Clinicare in general in my mid-Oct empties post.
Recommend? Yes
Repurchase? Not sure because I have too many hair mask/treatment for the time being~

Project 20 Body n Hair updates

Full Size Done: 4 + 4
Samples Done: 13 + 3
Total products finished: 10.5 + 5.5
Total products purchased: 2 - suspended in October, will resume in November
I am cheating because I allow myself to buy a few things in October and I don't count them :D
No. of products to go until P20BH is finished: 20 - ( 16 ) + 2 =  6 

Yay for the Project-6-Body-n-Hair, I am really seeing the end of it now !!~~
By the way, just asking for your opinion, do you think it helps to link individual products back to their official website or some sort of online shops?? :D


Monday, 24 October 2011

Birthday Gifts from Lush and more...

I have received several items for my birthday from friends and family.  I think it doesn't hurt to show them here as a thank-you to them, and just to write up mini reviews/feelings on them.

(from Lush)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Oct Top Ten Favourite Pinks

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my birthday month, and the beginning of my favourite season - Autumn. I figure it will be perfect to do this Favourite Pinks post to share with you guys some of my favourite products - some packaged in pink, others come in pink themselve (e.g. make up, and the cleansers, for example!)...

Sometimes we ladies are 'that' shallow we can't help but buy items because of their pretty packaging. I'm not saying this is by any means wrong, because besides for use, we shop for pleasure too, no? Anyway, sometimes good packaging doesn't relate to good products, hence I give special raves to products that both look good and work well!

on my desk/dresser
 Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist (around $60, bought in Korea)
Naris Up Lip Care Essence (around $55, from Sasa)
Bourjois Effet 3D Les Nudes Lipgloss in 34 Rose Mythic (around $120, bourjois counter)
Natural Collection Blushing Cheeks in Pink Cloud (swap with Joselin, from UK)

I love facial sprays/mists and I have a lot of them.  This Tony Moly one is one of my favourites because it smells fruity - peachy and sweet - and moisturises pretty well.  The bottle is extremely adorable (and refill-able) so I can foresee it will stay on my desk/vanity forever.  Naris Up has 2 lip essenses, both have a duckling on its packaging, the other orange one has UV (I believe) and this doesn't.  I sometimes use this as night treatment but it also works very well as lipgloss or day use.  Super glossy and moisturising and not sticky!  I own quite a lot of Bourjois cosmetics.  Most of them are acquired when I first started working (summer jobs?!) because they are affordable, nicely designed and wearable.  This is one of the nude pinks that works for my skin tone perfectly - yes I have difficulty finding nudes that flatter me.  Natrual Collection Pink Cloud is one of my Holy Grail, full stop.

In my shower/bathroom
no brand Bangs Holder/Sticker (around $5)
pdc Celdie Rosehip Cleansing Cream ($25 from Bonjour)
Biore Body Foam - Mild ($9.9 from Watson's)
Pantene Clinicare Full n Thick treatment Mask (maybe $40 in drugstore)
Clarisonic Mia ($1080 from
My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser (from a travel/trial set)

The bangs holder is super helpful when I want to do any skin care or make up to my face.  Usually I use a hair band in towel-like material, which can leave my hair in weird shape if I don't style it afterwards.  Hence these are better options when I need to go out right after I treat my face.  Celdie Rosehip line is super yummy - sweet fruity rosy scent - and moisturising/nourishing.  Perhaps they still make the cleansing foam and maybe some other scrubs/etc, but cleansing cream is the best I have tried.  It is creamy, soothing and cleanses well.  I bought a few of these before they were discontinued and I'm on my last pot - so sad. 

The Biore Mild body foam, shower foam thing I have talked about numerous time.  Probably in some of my empties post or favourites, go to the label 'Biore' for more details.  The Pantene Clinicare as mentioned in my Mid-Oct Empties post, is one of the line from Pantene (or P&G) that works for me.  I especially love the pink formula - now repackaged to orange - targetting thin and flat hair - i.e. my hair.  I use this Hair Treatment as conditioner every other day or whenever I like.  Works wonders.

As a birthday gift to myself, I bought the pink Clarisonic Mia and have been using it religiously eveyr other day (roughly).  I use it in conjunction with the beauty diary Aloe or Strawberry cleansers.  These cleansers give mild to minimal foam but gentle on the skin, Clarisonic Mia gives me the most delicate exfoliation and these seem to work together very very well.  The strawberry cleanser is supposed for oilier skin while the aloe for dryer skin but for the current weather and my skin, I can work with both.  PS - the strawberry smells a little more yummier of natural strawerry scent :D

That's it!  More pink favourites may come next week or so, stay tuned! ;)


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

As I'm not in the mood to do posts now (plus I'm at work, you know), I figure I can just list a few (random updates) and some potential posts to come:

  1. Today, the 18th, is my birthday.  I'm officially 23 now.
  2. I made a favicon for my blog, which is super easy but I feel super proud - naive behaviour? Note: favicon is the browser tab icon or shortcut icon, whichever way you feel is better description.
  3. I have bought myself a (hell) lot of stuff over the weekend.  Including Lush, Lavshuca and many sheet masks.  Yes.  Masks again.
  4. My Haus of Gloi order (the second one) arrived, but I'm seriously too busy to even unwrap it.  Bad.
  5. I got birthday gifts from friends: new product from a new brand "Santa Maria Novella" and a bar soap from Crabtree (need to think of how to do with it)...
  6. Still waiting my ASOS order and blogsale shipment to come in.
  7. Mum bought a bunch of new nail polishes, the Essie fall collection, OPI something America collection, Zoya, and an OPI Nail Envy Original - finally.
  8. My unfinished post of that Mermaid-y make up.  Well... Got to work around it later.


Monday, 17 October 2011

Empties + Review 2011.10~*

I have accumulated quite a bunch of empty bottles (mainly samples) to do this post, as well as to update my P20BH.  This month has been a crazy shopping month so I'm afraid I spend more time trying out new things rather than using up old ones.  Bad I know - I will do better next month and in the futre - promised.
Note: If you read Chinese or you're interested in Asian products, go visit AK's blog, she has consolidated a lot of empties posts of various bloggers (including herself!) The Category "凹凹賞" means something like "The Empty Award"~ :D

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Shopping at Tao's Blog Sale

Technically, is this my 6th Birthday Haul?? Yes indeed.  I'll stop soon, but I just can't help with this blog sale (it's over, by the way)Tao's is one of my favourites beauty bloggers/youtubers in the world not only because she's Chinese with skin tone, skin type and hair colour nearly identical to mine (coincidence?), but because she always carries the best smile in her photos/videos, hauls a lot of great products both high and low-end, works at MAC (!) and gives the most genuine opinion and sharings!!!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark
Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light

MAC Eye Shadow in Claire de Lune (Satin)
MAC Pearlglide Eye Liner in Molasses

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Birthday Haul 5: Drugstore and Missha

Disclaimer: I am sane and I know I bought quite very much this month or two.

L'Oreal Paris Color Infaillible (La Couleur Infallible)

The L'Oreal Infaillible eyeshadows that look like Chanel Illusion d'Ombres and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill arrived at local drugstores a few days ago.  I went into a Sasa (okay sasa is not a drugstore, but a beauty chainstore) and swatched all of them.  As they are on promotion (20% off) plus my VIP discount (a further few % off), I begged my boyfriend to let me buy a couple.  Note: he is my sweet advisor advising me to spend less. So here they are.  

013 Burning Black - Black with hint of red shimmer and very dark purple sheen
012 Endless Chocolate - My favourite kind of brown, rich, warm, hint of gold
004 Forever Pink - Pretty and cute and shimmery, Yummy~
015 Flashback Silver - A greyish, taupe/lilac colour.  Would be perfect on its own or with any other colour(s)!

A quick swatch with flash.  Read Cheryl's Swatch n Review here.

Biore Body Foam in Mild, Moisture + Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm

The other day I went to a Watson's and helped my mum bought some drugs.  I picked up the 3rd scent of the Biore Body Foam and a back up of my Favourite Mild - Sakura one.  When I checked out I couldn't help but grabbed one of my favourite chapsticks from Nivea - only this light blue one is good and I keep rebuying this only. I don't care for the others formula of Nivea lip balm I tried.

Missha (Anna-Sui-ish) Mirror

As my birthday falls in Oct, Missha sent me a bday card with coupons and advertisement.  I went in the store to redeem this free mirror - which is lovely - and checked the other things out.  

I wanted to spend my coupons and try things out, but I found their items really over-priced and not many things caught my eyes (I have so much beauty products already~).  So, sadly, I didn't spend a penny in there.  Oops

  • Besides my 2nd Haus of Gloi purchase,I have participated in two blog sales.  I also naughtily bought a few Illamasqua make up on  Ummm, so at least 4 more hauls coming.  Eagerly wating my mail every day! 
  • Tao's package has arrived!  Blog Sale Haul post next :D
  • I will do a video on my swap with Sam, as she requested hehe, I just need to find the time and mood to ;)
  • October favourites will have a special 'feature', pictures taken already and will write that up soon, hopefully.

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Masks

Montagne Jeunesse is a brand not so available in Hong Kong.  When I told Joselin I love facial masks, she helped me pick up a few different kinds and send them for me to try in our international swap.  That's was a great idea!  

I have finally finished trying all four of them and here's the overall review!  Some I love, some I don't care much for.  Now I want all the other flavours they produce!!!! :D

After a few weeks, only the lipbalm is left now! :D

Cream n Honey Skin Polisher, 4/5

Our Skin Polisher is a hive of goodness exploding with sweet Honey n nourishing Cream. The delicate Jojoba beads that will help unclog pores n we’ve extracted ultra-moisturising Cocoa n Shea butter to leave skin velvety soft.

My Thoughts:

I love the Body Shop Honey n Oat 3in1 Scrub Mask which smells perfect and works perfectly as both a scrub and a mask.  I think compare to that, this is nearly as good.  It smells delicious but not over-powering.  Jojoba beads inside help exfoliate quite gently, not effective enough in my opinion.  The cream base is moisturising, not as 'ultra' as it claims, but good.  My skin does feel soft, smooth and bright after the mask.  A pleasant mask to use, and I think this works better in terms of nourishing as a cream mask than an exfoliating 'polisher'.

I still like the Body Shop one better!

 Very creamy
Smells sweet
Gentle exfoliation

Slightly irritating
Not ultra-moisturising

Red Hot Earth Sauna Masque, 5/5

Release the earth's stored up energy with our self-heating Volcanic Clay sauna masque. Cleanse to the core n let calming Ginseng n Plant Extracts relax you as impurities are drawn out n pores opened.

 My thoughts:

This is Pink in colour!  I always like warming facial masks or scrubs or cleansers because they really soften the skin and open up pores for the product to work better!  I found this pack really stimulates blood circulation on my face - as face is a bit reddened after washing off.  It was a very comfortable session as the smell and the warmth are gentle but soothing.  My skin was cleansed and pampered after the mask.  One drawback is the viscosity of the mask seem to be much lower than I expected.  I used the whole pack in 1 go, and the mask dripped quite a bit into my sink (and t-shirt).  I think for its consistency, the pack can be used for 1.5 or 2 times.  I will be more careful next time!

Warming but not too hot
Easy to wash-off
Good for cold seasons
Smells soothing

Dripping all the time
Not Red (if you like red and hate pink)
Set but doesn't dry completely
Skin might get red - due to blood circulation

Ultra Fast Pore Cleansing with Spearmint n Tea Tree Face Tonic, 4/5

Going out? Feeling down? Want a tonic for your face and soul fast? Go for it! Feel the lift n zing of real Spearmint and Tea Tree for ultra deep pore cleansing. Real Spearmint n Tea Tree combine as an effective deep pore cleanser and reduce excess oil, deep cleanse and clarify your skin.

My Thoughts:

I have tried hundreds if not thousands of facial sheet masks since teenage - yes a lot I know - and I do enjoy them as a every night treatment or pick-me-up before major dates/events.  I don't remember using a mint flavour one, like this!  It is very refreshing, cooling and calming.  Deep pore cleansing I don't feel too much, but clarification yes!  It says splash cold water after using this for 5-10min, then pat dry.  My skin was actually full, plump, smooth and moist after the mask!  Love it~

Mint scent
Printed with leaves
Leaves skin plump and moist

Not the thinnest and fittest material
Might not be good for sensitive skin - too cooling
Country of origin not listed - the other 3 printed 'Made in UK'

Green Tea Peel Off, 2/5

Detox with our Green Tea Peel Off face masque for a deep cleansed, toned complexion. Experience the wellbeing of natural minerals, young Green Tea, root Ginger and reviving properties of squeezed Lemon to uplift and refresh skin.
Deep cleanse your pores, remove impurities and peel to reveal healthier, younger looking skin.
the peel-off (click to enlarge as you wish)

 My thoughts (long one):

Personally, peel-off masks aren't my favourites.  10 years ago when I just started out with skin care I got a tube of peel-off mask from the drugstore thinking it would be fun and harmless.  Might be my poor application or might be that product, it never dries right or evenly and I cannot peel it off nicely in 1 piece, and I always pull off facial hairs or brow hairs together with that.  Not good memories.  Hence, I'm biased and I have never picked up peel-offs since.  When Joselin sent me this, I thought it may be time for me to re-evaluate whether peel-off works for me or not.

As I said, I'm biased.  This is not a bad mask, smells lightly of citrus or green tea (very faint scent) and quite liquidy.  Applies easily and quite evenly.  After 15-30min, most of it dried and peeling it off is not too tricky.  However, Some stuck near my brows and jawline.  Skin does feel refreshed and cleaner, and not too tight.  If you like peel-off, this could be good.  I just don't love the idea of peeling off masks.  :)

Nice light scent
Easy to peel
Refreshing n cleansing
Not irritating

It is a peel-off
Drying time is hard to estimate
Colour too clear - hard to see area of application

not cute at all, not sure if I should publish this pic actually :S


Except the peel-off (which I also like), I think all the others are very good and I love them!  I have browsed through their website and I want almost every single mask they make!  For the price they are marked, they are really good quality products that do good for my skin.  Thanks Joselin for the picks!


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Birthday Haul 4: Massive Naruko Sets

I went crazy in a Colourmix shop one day...

Since my previous Naruko Skin Care Haul (post here), I have been using a few of the items daily.  I am in love with them and hence when I see these sets on sale in the store, I was tempted to buy.  It didn't happen until my boyfriend was 2 hours late for a dinner date with me that I went in and grabbed a few setsNow I'll show you my current collection/stash of Naruko products, which I am very happy with.  I will start a Skin Care ban/project again in November, promised~~~  Hehe.

Narcissus Total Defense AA Foaming Wash - brand new
Rose n Snow Fungus Hydrating Night Eye Gelly - quite nice, using every night as last step for eyes
RSF Hydrating Night Gelly - used once only 
RSF Aqua Cubic Moisturizer - loving this very much!  I use this every day and night after I wash my face.  I use a cotton pad and smooth this all over my face.  Smells divine and keeps my skin moisturised and soft for the following skin care steps.  So good!
RSF Aqua Cubic Complex - Basically a serum version of the moisturizer, very lovely and absorbs well.  Using this as my last serum at night and first serum in the morning.
NTD Fundamental Serum - My first serum at night, after this I put eye serum, other face stuff on top.  It smell very fresh and natural.  Texture is light but definitely makes skin supple.  Love!
Tea Tree Oil Out T-Zone Blackhead Remover - Only used once as spot treatment on a pimple.  
NTD BB Cream Essence - After all skin care, I sometimes use this as the only skin make up, or as a make up base.  Makes my skin glow and skin tone even.  Blends well and smells good.  Only 'con' is it doesn't have SPF at all.  It is recommended to be used after sunscreen.

All brand new - will start using these soon
RSF Aqua Cubic Hydrator 
NTD Moisturizing Dew
NTD Night Gelly (New Formula)
NTD Repair Cream
Magnolia Brightening n Firming Night Gelly
Taiwan MBF Repair Night Cream
MBF Spray
MBF Serum 
Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Serum
TTOO Balancing Serum

BNIB back-ups

As I spent over $2000 and qualified to become a VIP member, I made the shop assistant very happy and she went on and stocked me up with samples as Free Gifts...

Helenere Cellular Eye Mask - Made in Switzerland


AHC Vital Medica Serums 
(Vital Complex C-15, Hydra B5 Smoother, Phyto Complex Gel)

AHC Collagen Cream 

AHC is a brand from Korea.

I am now seriously reviewing my humongous stash of skin care and going to giveaway some to my friends and family - while at the same time use them more generously and diligently!
Which is your weak point when it comes to beauty spending?  Mine is definitely skin care that works, whatever others rave about and that promises good results!


Monday, 10 October 2011

Swap with SamRam - UK!

Not long after Joselin blogged about our swap (link) on her blog (link), Sam contacted me and asked if I favoured another swap with her, as she would also love to get something from my side.  Of course I said yes and started shopping for her.  My package arrived at hers first, and she made a blogpost and a video no those items, make sure you read through till the end of this post for the links and check those out!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Christmas Lush Lust List

I am just doing some online window shopping and I get so excited with the Lush Holiday Collection.  I think I might just hold my spendings in November and go all crazy when these items hit the stores!  Here comes The Holiday Exclusives!  I saw these on the UK website so I'm not sure if HK stores will stock them at all - bad for me.

I have just tried the first bubble-bar-in-my-life a few weeks ago.  I loved it.  I pre-cut bars into one usage size and store them in a basket in my bedroom.  My room has been smelling good for weeks already!  So, I am planning to get a lot more bath products for Christmas!

Starting with the most exciting of all: Snow Fairy Reusable Bubble Bar Wand

I haven't owned Snow Fairy nor a Bubble Bar Wand before - this is the perfect cute item to get!  I just wish it can really dry well in between baths, because humidity is still high in HongKong during the winter months!  I love Pinks!

Australian Igloo

This is a SCRUB!?  There is no how-to-use on these yet - they look so white and interesting!!!!!

Three Golden Rings Bubble Bar

Not the best looking but it says in the website it will turn your water gold and shimmery, plus it has myrrh inside!  Sounds like my cup of tea, hehe.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Frankincense?  YES!

Gingerbread House Bubble Bar

Isn't this super adorable?  I want to decorate my whole room with dozens of this!  Plus my boyfriend loves ginger - Shhh...

Candy Mountain - Creamy Candy Bar bubble bar

This is supposed the best selling bubble bar of Lush, and every year they make it into special shape for the holiday season.  I can't say this mountain is the best shape, but it is still nice looking :D

Superstar Bubble Bar

Repurchase because I love my first one, not-enough-said? :P

The Melting Snowman Bath Melt

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Ballistic

I am afraid I prefer bubble baths rather than bath sans bubble, but these lovelies do attract me!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Because I cannot use soaps - I don't know how to - and because this is famous. :)



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