Saturday, 8 October 2011

Barry M - Milk Chocolate

Again, my sister took this pic for me.  I was in my pajama :S
I love brown nail polishes.  Brown is my favourite colour for nails!  Yes, more than pinks (my boyfriend's fav) or red (another fav of mine) or any other colours!  However, there are not too many browns out there in the market, and I'm quite picky on the shades.  Browns that are too warm (reddish undertone) aren't  really my cup of tea.  I like cool or neutral browns.  One of my favourites of all time which is now discontinued - and I finish a whole full bottle of it years ago (SAD) - was a So Laque by Bourjois...

Anyway, that's history.  

Last night I dug out some of my less-worn polishes, took pictures, sent to Mr. Boyfriend via BBM and asked him to pick out 1 or 2.  As usual, pink glitter was his 1st choice, and then he chose this milky brown after I told him that 'the glitter is just clear base - no colour'...  I'm happy with the combination :)

  • Barry M Chocolate Brown
  • Bourjois 1 seconde #18 (glitter)

 If there's only 1 shade you could wear on your nails for the 'rest of your life', what colour will it be?



  1. Beautiful Fall colour! Love this!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. @Sam Ram @LoveFayexoxo I agree! If Barry M is available in HongKong I will stock up some more of this colour! Good for you UK guys :P



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