Monday, 24 October 2011

Birthday Gifts from Lush and more...

I have received several items for my birthday from friends and family.  I think it doesn't hurt to show them here as a thank-you to them, and just to write up mini reviews/feelings on them.

(from Lush)
It's Raining Men shower gel
Colour Supplement - Light Yellow ($129)
Fresh Skin Mask - Catastrophe Cosmetics

As I have the 15% off the entire month of October for my birthday, I went in and got more Lush products for myself.  Mr. Boyfriend paid for these so I will treat them as birthday presents ^.^ 

It's Raining Men is the liquid version of Honey I Washed the Kids soap - one of the most popular Lush products, and one that I might never buy (bar soap?!?).  It smells yummy and the texture is really thick.  I am guessing a little bit is enough per usage, or I can dilute it for use in the future.

I love my previous Lush Fresh Mask so I desperately want to try more.  See my previous review on Cupcake Mask here.  Catastrophe Cosmetics is the blueberry mask that the shop assistant recommend for moisture when I told him I have dry skin.  It smells yummy and I will try to give a better/full review on it when I give it enough uses. ;)

For some reason, that day, in that store, the Colour Supplement foundation appealed to me so I gave in and grabbed a pot.  Light yellow is not overly yellow - it is not golden but quite neutral (can there be a neutral yellow??) Well.. if that makes sense... :P  It is interesting to know that it is actually Made in Japan, at least to me.  As most other things are either made in UK or Hong Kong (fresh masks)...


(from girlfriend #1)
Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella Detergente Intimo

Phew~ what a name!  I have never heard of this Italian brand at all - innocent (and ignorant) me - and this is the first time getting my hands on their products.  My friend got this from one of the most 'prestigious' shopping mall (ifc) and it came in a pretty elegant and clean European-style paper bag.  The royal green n gold ribbon is beautiful.  The humble bottle comes in an extravagent paper box - yes it is quite over-the-top when compared with the bottle inside!?

My friend told me the PH is about 5.5 - hope I remember correctly - and can be used as general body wash or 'intimate wash'.  I have tried this a few times now, the scent is essential-oil-y, blended with lavender (the only one I recognise) and others.  Smells lovely.  The texture is a thicker gel which doesnt foam up much.  So far so good.  0-)


(from girlfriend #2)
Crabtree n Evelyn Lavender Soap

Well~ Crabtree n Evelyn scents are always good, although lavender is not my favourite out of the many.. Technically I don't use bar soaps.  So this will be stored in my wardrobe until I can think of how to give this away. :P


(from Mum)
  1. OPI Nail Envy Original
  2. OPI full size - Suzi takes the wheel
  3. OPI full size - Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window
  4. Essie Fall 2011 Collection set mini size - Carry On, Lady Like, Power Clutch, Very Structured
  5. OPI Touring America mini size - A-taupe the Space Needle, French Quarter for your Thoughts, Honk if you love OPI, My Address is "Hollywood"
  6. Zoya MOXIE
  7. Zoya EDYTA
  8. Zoya TAMSEN
  9. Zoya YARA
  10. Orly Hot Chocolate
  11. Essie Winter 2011 Collection mini- Cocktail Bling, Bobbing For Baubles, Bangle Jangle, and Size Matters

After our last trip to nail salon, my mum fell in love with the 'military green' she had for her manicure.  I picked the same colour for my pedicure so.. Her favourite military green Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window (long stupid name) is also worn on my toe-nails, see below...

She went to a nail supply store (one that we had bought hundreds of polishes from) and grabbed the above.  Basically we share our nail polishes and they are stored in my stash, so I included them as birthday gifts.  Expect to see some of these colours in my future NOTD...

Random NOTD and pedicure

above: essie fall collection (except 'Carry On')
below: OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window


Last but not least, Mr. beloved Boyfriend bought me the November Issue of MAQUIA (a Japanese magazine focusing mainly on make up) with very attractive gifts.  And I went a little naughty and got myself some lashes at Bonjour.

Magazine with gifts

The (silly) reason of getting this magazine is solely for the Dew Superior sheet mask - which itself, cost more than 1,200yen (convert it to your own currency if you like).  I'm happy to see other Chanel/Weleda samples inside the magazine too!  Plus, this magazine is always a good read (no, I don't read Japanese), with all the product pictures and how-to step-by-step pic-torial :D

My little shopping spree at Bonjour

I was spending time waiting for dinner (crazy hot pot buffet with Uni-friends, all male, by the way), and nothing in the bookstore called my name (making money and love fictions = not my interests)... So I went into a Bonjour and buy something that I know I won't regret.  These Princess Leah lashes are NOT made with human hair and I read reviews saying they are real light and natural looking, etc etc.  This style is the shorter, but voluminous style among the few that are displayed.  $150 for 10 paris is quite expensive but I can afford that :P  

The i. color duo ended brush is on sale and I love eye blending brushes, that's it.  Note: the side marked with pink heart is the new brush.  I placed the Missha brush by it side for comparison - I don't think it is that helpful at all, anyway.

Hope you find this interesting! :P



  1. such amazing presents!! I wish it was my birthday!!! hope you had a great day <3

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. @LoveFayexoxo Thank you, I had a great birthday. Wish I don't have to pay my credit card bill for what I bought! :D Overall I am happy with what I bought and got as gifts!


  3. You got some great Items there! That chanel foundation is one of my favourites. I need to repurchase actually! I still need to try out some lush products as I havent tried any yet! The nail polish colours that you have are so pretty and perfect for autum :D


  4. @Joselin I haven't yet tried the foundation but I think it must be good after hearing so many good things about it - plus you also like it!

    yea~ I need to paint my nails more and wear all of them soon! :D


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  6. Wish I don't have to pay my credit card bill for what I bought!

  7. haha @dissertation samples (probably spammer), who doesn't? XD



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