Monday, 3 October 2011

Birthday Haul 3: Elite and Lush goodies

Elite Paris -
Secret Cheeks Blush in 02 Rose and 03 Epice
Intensity Long Lasting Eye Pencil in 02 Secret Grey

I walked by a Watson's the other day, hoping to see the re-stock of Lavshuca Star Decoration Limited Edition Set in Pink.  I failed, not even was the Brown sold out, the whole stand for the limited set was already taken away from the counter!  Anyway, I continue looking around and I saw this Elite Paris brand on sale.  It looks like a clearance because it is on a buy 2 get 1 free sale, quite uncommon for Watson's here!  Some products did speak to me, however I find their price a bit too high (e.g. their 4 colour eyeshadow palette, single eyeshadow, kajal crayon, etc).  These blushes and eyeliner are all made in France.  Not yet tried them on yet but I have a feeling they will be nice basic good quality items to own.  :)

Lush - or

Despite being mean at not supporting the 5 pots 1 free mask campaign, HK lush stores are okay.  They stock decent amount of products and they have neat presentation.  For members (like me), we enjoy a 15% off discount all month round for our birthday month.  Hence, I brought my boyfriend to visit a small Lush store in Langham Place, Mongkok the other day.  He is a daily perfume wearer and he likes good smells like I do - although sometimes we have different tastes - so I know he will not reject Lush.  I made him smell every single bubble bars they stock and we came up with 3 purchases.  I also picked up a skin care item as you can see above.

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds
This bubble bar is so lovely we had to make it bigger than the rest – meaning you should get a few more baths out of this bar. Use this when you want nothing more than to have your head in the clouds and daydream some hours away. Blue sky bathwater and white fluffy clouds of bubbles ensure you don’t take life too cirrusly. 
The earthy scents of patchouli and frankincense mean that no matter how high you soar, you’ll always touch down with your mind grounded and centred. Mark and Helen fill their lab with music when they’re inventing together. Often it is ambient music – with The Orb being a favourite. Their track Little Fluffy Clouds had lodged in Mark’s mind and suddenly made him think “I can do that. I can make an ambient bath foam like this track”. The result was this bar that allows you to slip away into daydreams and uncomplicated places.

The frankincense note attracted me in the first place at the store.  Mr. Boyfriend didn't like it that much but I figure this will be a perfect bubble bath to enjoy alone!  For some reason the store I visited only has 1 of this in stock, so I technically picked up the last piece.  It is a big chuck which can last more than 3 baths for my usage.  I have actually tried this out once last Sunday night! It smells amazing and I enjoyed my first Lush bath (yes, this is my first!) so much I think I'm going to pick up more of this, and others, this month~  The white cloud part is not so white as you can see in my picture, but that definitely didn't hinder me from loving it!

A gentle bath for times when the world owes you a favour. Let the rose wrap you in a comfort blanket and the lemon lift your mind and spirits. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best – a bath of uncomplicated bliss.  

This bubble bar was inspired by the idea of forgiveness. For those times when life is unfair or people untrue. We all know a bouquet of roses is a good place to start putting things right – so we wanted to sum that up in a bath-time experience.

 This is a very very nice smelling one!  Sweet, floral and romantic.  My boyfriend actually picked this one out!  He likes it so much he brought it home with him, wanting its scent to stay in his bookshelf before he (or we) use it up in his tub.  Note: this is the reason why I couldn't take a picture of it, and no, I didn't promise to take a bath with him!

Superstar Bubble Bar - National Day Limited Edition
Crumble your Superstar Bubble Bar under running bath taps. Swish that water around and watch the mountains of sweetly scented bubbles froth and foam around you. Get in the tub - you certainly won’t want to get out.
I haven't tried Superstar before and this national day gimmick stiked me.  It smells lovely, and I am looking forward to trying it out.  My boyfriend helped me out in choosing a big and even yellow star.  How sweet was that!? :D
Vit E Toner Tab
The Vitamin E Toner Tab is an excellent, effervescent way to keep everyone’s skin balanced and lovely. It has lavender essential oil to help your skin stay smoothly on course - not too dry, not too oily. Its omega-3 oil and vitamin E come from nutritious algae to revive tired faces.
Lastly, just 1 skin care item.  I have a face steamer at home that I rarely used, and I figure this maybe fun to use with the machine.  I saw this being taken down from the UK website, is this going to be replaced by other toner tabs?  It is also said that you can pour back the remaining steam water to a bottle and spray it like other facial mist, maybe I can try that out too!

I have two more hauls coming up, 1 being the Haus of Gloi order, another is shopping at Tao's blogsale!  Also expect to see the post on the swap with Sam - I'll do it once it arrives!



  1. omg, i didn't know it was u bday, HAPPY BDAY!!!! XXX

  2. Oops, thanks. :D I think i am a bit mis-leading. there is still half a month until my birthday, I'm just pre-celebrating it with shopping!

    thanks for your good wishes as always!


  3. this post makes me want to go to Lush!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. @LoveFaye Thanks! Actually today is my Lunar birthday (in Chinese calendar). Lush is a fun place to shop at, but I don't think I will like everything in there. Some items look so attractive but do not really work for everyone!




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