Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Birthday Haul 4: Massive Naruko Sets

I went crazy in a Colourmix shop one day...

Since my previous Naruko Skin Care Haul (post here), I have been using a few of the items daily.  I am in love with them and hence when I see these sets on sale in the store, I was tempted to buy.  It didn't happen until my boyfriend was 2 hours late for a dinner date with me that I went in and grabbed a few setsNow I'll show you my current collection/stash of Naruko products, which I am very happy with.  I will start a Skin Care ban/project again in November, promised~~~  Hehe.

Narcissus Total Defense AA Foaming Wash - brand new
Rose n Snow Fungus Hydrating Night Eye Gelly - quite nice, using every night as last step for eyes
RSF Hydrating Night Gelly - used once only 
RSF Aqua Cubic Moisturizer - loving this very much!  I use this every day and night after I wash my face.  I use a cotton pad and smooth this all over my face.  Smells divine and keeps my skin moisturised and soft for the following skin care steps.  So good!
RSF Aqua Cubic Complex - Basically a serum version of the moisturizer, very lovely and absorbs well.  Using this as my last serum at night and first serum in the morning.
NTD Fundamental Serum - My first serum at night, after this I put eye serum, other face stuff on top.  It smell very fresh and natural.  Texture is light but definitely makes skin supple.  Love!
Tea Tree Oil Out T-Zone Blackhead Remover - Only used once as spot treatment on a pimple.  
NTD BB Cream Essence - After all skin care, I sometimes use this as the only skin make up, or as a make up base.  Makes my skin glow and skin tone even.  Blends well and smells good.  Only 'con' is it doesn't have SPF at all.  It is recommended to be used after sunscreen.

All brand new - will start using these soon
RSF Aqua Cubic Hydrator 
NTD Moisturizing Dew
NTD Night Gelly (New Formula)
NTD Repair Cream
Magnolia Brightening n Firming Night Gelly
Taiwan MBF Repair Night Cream
MBF Spray
MBF Serum 
Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Serum
TTOO Balancing Serum

BNIB back-ups

As I spent over $2000 and qualified to become a VIP member, I made the shop assistant very happy and she went on and stocked me up with samples as Free Gifts...

Helenere Cellular Eye Mask - Made in Switzerland


AHC Vital Medica Serums 
(Vital Complex C-15, Hydra B5 Smoother, Phyto Complex Gel)

AHC Collagen Cream 

AHC is a brand from Korea.

I am now seriously reviewing my humongous stash of skin care and going to giveaway some to my friends and family - while at the same time use them more generously and diligently!
Which is your weak point when it comes to beauty spending?  Mine is definitely skin care that works, whatever others rave about and that promises good results!



  1. Dude I was so intrigued by these when I saw them featured on some Taiwanese blogger's favortie list, now you might have been the last straw that broke the camel's back. I must check them out.....

  2. they are good indeed! I'd recommend you to try them too! Rose n Snow Fungus works lovely. I haven't try all of the rest yet, but I can tell the brand is quite well-made!

    I can send you some backups of mine if you have trouble getting them :P




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