Thursday, 13 October 2011

Birthday Haul 5: Drugstore and Missha

Disclaimer: I am sane and I know I bought quite very much this month or two.

L'Oreal Paris Color Infaillible (La Couleur Infallible)

The L'Oreal Infaillible eyeshadows that look like Chanel Illusion d'Ombres and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill arrived at local drugstores a few days ago.  I went into a Sasa (okay sasa is not a drugstore, but a beauty chainstore) and swatched all of them.  As they are on promotion (20% off) plus my VIP discount (a further few % off), I begged my boyfriend to let me buy a couple.  Note: he is my sweet advisor advising me to spend less. So here they are.  

013 Burning Black - Black with hint of red shimmer and very dark purple sheen
012 Endless Chocolate - My favourite kind of brown, rich, warm, hint of gold
004 Forever Pink - Pretty and cute and shimmery, Yummy~
015 Flashback Silver - A greyish, taupe/lilac colour.  Would be perfect on its own or with any other colour(s)!

A quick swatch with flash.  Read Cheryl's Swatch n Review here.

Biore Body Foam in Mild, Moisture + Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm

The other day I went to a Watson's and helped my mum bought some drugs.  I picked up the 3rd scent of the Biore Body Foam and a back up of my Favourite Mild - Sakura one.  When I checked out I couldn't help but grabbed one of my favourite chapsticks from Nivea - only this light blue one is good and I keep rebuying this only. I don't care for the others formula of Nivea lip balm I tried.

Missha (Anna-Sui-ish) Mirror

As my birthday falls in Oct, Missha sent me a bday card with coupons and advertisement.  I went in the store to redeem this free mirror - which is lovely - and checked the other things out.  

I wanted to spend my coupons and try things out, but I found their items really over-priced and not many things caught my eyes (I have so much beauty products already~).  So, sadly, I didn't spend a penny in there.  Oops

  • Besides my 2nd Haus of Gloi purchase,I have participated in two blog sales.  I also naughtily bought a few Illamasqua make up on  Ummm, so at least 4 more hauls coming.  Eagerly wating my mail every day! 
  • Tao's package has arrived!  Blog Sale Haul post next :D
  • I will do a video on my swap with Sam, as she requested hehe, I just need to find the time and mood to ;)
  • October favourites will have a special 'feature', pictures taken already and will write that up soon, hopefully.


  1. Aww the Missha mirror looks so cute!

  2. @GABY Yes it is! They are also giving out a hair brush in similar design as GWP for $150, which is quite reasonable. Sadly I can't even choose that amount of products to buy in the store! :S

  3. Happy belated B-day! Those L'oreal e/s look insane!! A FOTD please~ :)

  4. @Tao Thank you! Technically my birthday is on the 18th. I'm just using it as an excuse to shop - naughty.

    I will do FOTD with them soon! :D


  5. Im so in love the new l'oreal eyeshadows too! I bought the 'Purple Obsession' shade which is just an absolutely gorgeous true purple shade. Im dying to post it on my blog but waiting for my camera to return!! lol

    1. sure! pls show the gorgeous purple to us :) is yorus 'made in italy or US'? :P just curious



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