Monday, 31 October 2011

End of October Empties

As I have managed to write-up a mid-Oct empties post earlier on this month, I really don't have that many items to share by the end of October... Though I still managed to used up a few, mainly samples!  Read on~

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Skin Care

Mandom cleansing express Age Care Cleansing Lotion  Rating: 5/5
Used this with cotton pads to wipe off face make up or really basic sunscreen kind of face, at the end of the day.  Leaves skin clean, moisturised but not oily nor sticky.  Will repurchase.
Probably one of the better cleansing waters I have tried.  FYI, I have tried the all the Bioderma ones, the other Mandom ones and some French generic offerings... among others.  I might do a comparsion of this with the Nuxe and Avene one I recently acquired - well, that I still have yet to use up.

Hera Sun Mate Leports SPF50+  Rating: 4/5
I think I like this more than many of my other sunscreens.  Quite heavily perfumed, no white cast, not too thick, not too thin, easy to blend.  This was a free sample at the Hera counter, from the angelic sales assistant (beautiful and sweet).  Just a note: if you'd ever shop in Korea for (high-end) beauty products - if you don't want samples, buy at duty free when you leave the country - so much cheaper; but if you want excellent services and extraordinarily generous samples - go to department store counters.
I might repurchase this if I run out of sunscreen again - yes this happened this summer so I stocked up on them on my Korean trip in June.  Now I have dozens of them to go through.

Kiehl's Botanical Brightening Essence (sample)  Rating: 3/5
Not bad.  This lasted me for quite a few uses, maybe 3 to 4 days?  I used this day and night as one of my serums - yes I layer multiple of them.  Will use up the other sample to give a conclusion.  Like the consistency but not sure of the 'brightening' effect.

Skin Food Black Sugar  Rating: 3/5
Okay.  Wouldn't mind using a few more packs but not very soothing.  It feels like a rough sugar scrub on the face, smells citrus-y - I'd prefer more sweet and soft scent instead.  The reason why it still scores 3/5 instead of lower marks is because it leaves my skin shiningly glowy!  Love the effect, don't quite like the feeling of using it though...

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Body and Hair

Mannings Lavender Scrub  Rating: 0/5
Smells artificial.  Poorly formulated.  To me it is like cheap gel detergent with the weakest round exfoliating beads incorporated - foaming but not cleansing/exfoliating in the right way.
Recommend? No
Repurchase? No
Biore Body Foam - Refresh  Rating: 3/5
I got this at the same time as my first 'Mild' (the pink bottle) and I thought I would love this better - turned out I adore the Mild one, and now after trying out the Moisture, I would say this is my least favourite among the three.  Smells decent but out of the 3 it is most drying and not-special.
Recommend? Yes if you like fresh apple scent and foaming body wash.
Repurchase? No, I will use up my back up and then focus on the Mild (pink) or the Moisture (purple) instead.
Crabtree n Evelyn Summer Hill Hand Therapy (travel size) Rating: 4/5
These hand therapy all work similarly (I mean different scents).  Summer Hill is nice.  Hand Therapy moisturises without leaving skin too oily for my computer or paper work.  But they don't last too well, especially when one washes her hands.
Recommend? Yes for this formula, as well as this scent!
Repurchase? Probably, but I have tonnes of other hand creams to go through!  Plus I'd probably get other scents if I re-buy :P
Charles Worthington Moisture-Seal Shampoo Rating: 4/5
This was in my last monthly favourites.  I like this a lot.  Read that post for more info on this.
Recommend? Yes but I'm not sure if they still make the same thing
Repurchase? Not sure

JimmBENNY Sweet Almond Oil Rating: 1/5
It is supposed to be mixed with those essential oils to blend your own massage oil or whatever usage... I just used this as it is for my body... However, I don't think this works on its own (and I guess the same for blending purposes).  This oil is too thick in consistency and leaves a sticky residue on the skin.  I admit I apply this very generously - for the sake of using it up and keeping my skin moisturised.  But the nature of this oil just doesn't work well for my skin.

Recommend? No
Repurchase? No

Pantene Clinicare purple Color/Perm Damage Repair Treatment (sample *2) 
 Rating: 4/5
Nice conditioning hair mask.  Smells like other clinicare products.  For shampoo I prefer the blue and the pink/orange.  For conditioner and treatment, I like all from the line.  More info on the Pantene Clinicare in general in my mid-Oct empties post.
Recommend? Yes
Repurchase? Not sure because I have too many hair mask/treatment for the time being~

Project 20 Body n Hair updates

Full Size Done: 4 + 4
Samples Done: 13 + 3
Total products finished: 10.5 + 5.5
Total products purchased: 2 - suspended in October, will resume in November
I am cheating because I allow myself to buy a few things in October and I don't count them :D
No. of products to go until P20BH is finished: 20 - ( 16 ) + 2 =  6 

Yay for the Project-6-Body-n-Hair, I am really seeing the end of it now !!~~
By the way, just asking for your opinion, do you think it helps to link individual products back to their official website or some sort of online shops?? :D



  1. I love posts like these because I find out about products I've never heard of before!! great selection!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. I love writing them as much as I love reading them. I will definitely keep doing these posts!

    Cheers :D



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