Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

As I'm not in the mood to do posts now (plus I'm at work, you know), I figure I can just list a few (random updates) and some potential posts to come:

  1. Today, the 18th, is my birthday.  I'm officially 23 now.
  2. I made a favicon for my blog, which is super easy but I feel super proud - naive behaviour? Note: favicon is the browser tab icon or shortcut icon, whichever way you feel is better description.
  3. I have bought myself a (hell) lot of stuff over the weekend.  Including Lush, Lavshuca and many sheet masks.  Yes.  Masks again.
  4. My Haus of Gloi order (the second one) arrived, but I'm seriously too busy to even unwrap it.  Bad.
  5. I got birthday gifts from friends: new product from a new brand "Santa Maria Novella" and a bar soap from Crabtree (need to think of how to do with it)...
  6. Still waiting my ASOS order and blogsale shipment to come in.
  7. Mum bought a bunch of new nail polishes, the Essie fall collection, OPI something America collection, Zoya, and an OPI Nail Envy Original - finally.
  8. My unfinished post of that Mermaid-y make up.  Well... Got to work around it later.



  1. Happy Birthday!!! and yay at your amazing presents!!!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Happy borthday sweetie! Oh I'd love to see what you were gifted from Santa Maria Novella, I adore anything coming from Italy! A perfume, perhaps?

  3. @The Dollymix Diaries Thank you!

    @LoveFayexoxo Thank you! Yea I'm so thankful to be surrounded by nice presents

    @cbsg5861 Thank you! It is a detergent/liquid soap that can double up as intimate soap. Haven't tried it yet, but it smells herbal. I'll try to update here when I tried it!

    @G A B Y Thank you! ;)

  4. Eee, you look so cute :) I hope you had a fabulous birthday xxx

  5. @fashionsastranger Thank you! I had a nice one~ Cheers



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