Friday, 21 October 2011

Massive Birthday Haul: Haus of Gloi, Sasa, Missha, Blogsale, etc

Warning: Super pic heavy and pics aren't arranged in an orderly manner.  Read at your own risk.

(from Getting Cheeky blogsale)
Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Ludwig
Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Smooth Talker
Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer in Fair
freebie Stila One Step Primecolor in Per Suede
freebie blinc mascara in Black

I am super excited to finally have a Kat Von D product to play with!  The eyeshadows are so pigmented and smooth.  Jessica kept them in reasonably good condition - the green side is barely touched.  I am in love with the shimmery browns especially.  Amazing concealer is one of (the) MichellePhan's favourites so I wanted to try some since forever.  Fair might be a little too fair for me now, but I can give it more tries to see how it works!  I just picked up the Hard Candy for fun because we don't have it here.  Not a very impressive product though :P

Jessica was very generous to include two samples, one being a quite popular Blinc mascara and another Stila product I haven't tried before.  Cool!

More shots on the KVD palette! 

The shades from left: lucifer / orbi / dimebag / tequila / clay / downtown / baroque / leather 

(from Haus of Gloi)
Whipped Soap - Red Roan, Ghost Puffs
Lip Balm - Hazelnut Latte, Amaretto, Gningersnap
Body Emulsion - Imp, Madcap Garden, Elevenses
Pumpkin Butter - Troika, Olde Cider, Pumpkin Eater, Peach Mama
Bubbling Scrub - Pixie Sorceror
Sugar Scrub - Saft Ernte
freebie Imp perfume oil

Not much I can say about them yet because I haven't touched them yet, and I'm saving them to be enjoyed in the coming winter season. :D


Pls ignore the mascara at bottom right corner - that is going to be swapped away :P

 (from SASA)
Lavshuca Melting Eyes in BE-1 ($98)
Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge in RD-1 ($88)
Dariya Set Up Lip Treatment - Rich Moisturizer ($49)
Bison Baramitsu Lip Cream - Rose ($42)
Barrier Repair ($9.9*10)
Silk Whitia Collagen Mask Set ($138 for 12pc)
SK-II Signs Eye Mask ($29)
NOYL Liposh beautyblender-ish Sponge ($28*2)
birthdaygift Neogence Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse
freesample Methode Swiss Radiant Resilience Reviver

I have been really enjoying the Lavshuca lipstick somehow, and I secretly want to get more more more lipsticks from this brand.  Too bad I never really finish up full size lip products to justify such crazy purchase... The eyeshadow is another impulse buying.  I was in extremely bad mood that Saturday (forgotten the reason why) and I need retail therapy.  I never regret when my therapy is Lavshuca-brand.  They make some of the best drugstore make up, in my opinion.

I love Barrier Repair Masks and they are cheaper when they are sold alone (than in box of 5).  This orange one is relatively new.  The Silk Whitia set is quite reasonably priced and I bought it after I realised I don't always use them, because for these masks, you have to wash off the remaining serum before you continue with other skinc are steps - otherwise they have residue.  Anyway.  The collagen ones are nice ones - I have tried the green and purple before.

The pictures speak for themselves so I'm gonna be lazy on the rest.  More shots on my toys..


(from Missha)
Full Eyepowder Brush ($68)
Face Contour Brush ($118)
giftwithpurchase Hair Brush
freesample BB Cream

I wanted to get the beautiful Hair Brush GWP (that comes with $150 purchase or above) so I went in and bought 2 make up brushes.   The hair brush is of really high high quality and it looks very very pretty.  The eye blending brush called my name, and I'm even thinking of going to get a back-up - I still have a 10% off coupon to use within this month... The quality is pretty good for the price.  Made by sable (hair) and feels so soft.

I also got the contouring brush because I have space for more brushes - what a good excuse...


(from Mannings)
Dewytree Squalane Resilience Solution Mask, Trehalose Aqua Solution Mask, Tea Tree Trouble Solution Mask, Ceramide Nutrition ($13.9 each)
Dewytree Deep Detox Black Mask, Premium Syn Ake Black Mask ($20.9 each)
Neutrogena Fine Fairness deep whitening mask, brightening uv moisture ($14.9 set)

Because I read many posts on Dewytree masks and they are on sale - yes quite expensive for drugstore sheet masks even when they are on sale.  Saving them for bad-skin-days or more-important events.  Neutrogena purchase was just, um.. an impulse..

(gift with magazine)
Phyto Fortifying Shampoo
Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser and make-up remover

Paid about $15 for each of the magazine, and hence you may say $15 for each of the generous sample.  This concludes my crazy birthday shopping, hopefully, and I think it's about time to hide my credit card at my Boyfriend's so that I don't shop anymore.  full stop.



  1. I LOOOOVE Hard Candy Fox in a Box but I've been told Smooth Talker is not really pigmented? Hopw you like it anyway! Great haul!

  2. @G A B Y You're right, it is not very pigmented.. Might be another pros because that way I don't overload with blush? I haven't tried other Fox in a Box~~ sounds like there are better shades?? hehe I'll try this out and see if I like it!


  3. I wanna try the Fox in a Box blushes from Hard Candy--I hear they are really great blushes! What do you think of them? ♥

  4. @Brittany
    I need to try it a few more times to give you my two cents. This colour -smooth talker -is pretty, but not super pigmented?!




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