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Empties + Review 2011.10~*

I have accumulated quite a bunch of empty bottles (mainly samples) to do this post, as well as to update my P20BH.  This month has been a crazy shopping month so I'm afraid I spend more time trying out new things rather than using up old ones.  Bad I know - I will do better next month and in the futre - promised.
Note: If you read Chinese or you're interested in Asian products, go visit AK's blog, she has consolidated a lot of empties posts of various bloggers (including herself!) The Category "凹凹賞" means something like "The Empty Award"~ :D

Skin Care

LaVie De-Wrinkle Eye Serum - Score: 3/5
My mum bought this when this brand has an outlet sales last year.  They formulate their skin care in Switzerland (or France or somewhere) and manufactured elsewhere - most probably somewhere Asian.  In fact they work pretty well and are reasonably priced for their quality.  I especially love their face masks (yes sheet masks, again) and eye masks, which my mum n sister like as well.  This serum is watery in consistency, smells of nothing, very light-weight, gives good moisture and good for layering - no crumbles (hate eraser dusts thing when I layer on skin care!).  I used this at night as my first eye product and it works fine.
Recommend? Yes 
Repurchase? Probably if they have a big sale again.

L'Oreal Derma Genesis Essence Concentrate - Score: 1/5
It is like a liquid gel perfume.  Used this up because I wanted to clear this.  Mainly applied to my neck in the night as a neck serum before a cream (if i remember).  Did nothing.
Recommend? No
Repurchase? Definite No.

Sofina Repair Programme Serum (美容液) - Score: 4/5
Totally not sure whether this is available in Hong Kong or not.  A friend of mine gifted me this as a souvenir of her Japanese trip a while back.  It has a slightly thick liquid texture which helps spreading (compared to texture too runny) and not too pore-suffocating.  Yes sometimes gel serums can be sticky or too heavy and make me wonder how to layer mosturiser or anything on top.  I applied this mainly around my mouth and corner of eyes - prone to pre-mature wrinkles and laugh lines.  This little tube lasted for a week or 2, which is surprisingly long.  It doesn't have a scent or colour. 
Recommend? Yes
Repurchase? Probably, not sure of its availability

AHC Collagen Cream - Score: 4/5
Quite like this, out of my expectation!  Smells faintly of drugstore generic cream but feels smooth and moisturising.  Not too heavy for summer and perfect for the autumny but still humid weather here now!
Recommend? Yes, at least try a sample!
Repurchase?  Not sure, need to check on the price :P

Yves Rocher Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream (sample) - Score: 3/5
It is a smooth light to medium thick cream texture.  Has a scent, not too strong.  Wears well around the eyes.  Hydrates, not sure about wrinkle-reducing.  I can get 2 uses out of this sample.  Works well both day and night.
Recommend? Not sure, need to try more
Repurchase? If it's not too expensive, maybe

Lancome Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser - Score: 2/5
This ancient sample of whitening serum claims to reduce spots, but how can you see results from 1 or 2 applications?  Anyway, it is a thin milky serum that absorbs well.  Not caused reactions, but no visible results either.
Recommend? Not sure
Repurchase? No

Alverde NaturKosmetik Augen Make-Up Entferner Calendula - Score: 0/5
It translates as Alverde Natural Cosmetics Calendula Eye Make Up Remover.  This is bad thing.  It doesn't remove eye make up and it stings eyes like corrosives.  It is the kind of thick milky cream texture that is super hard to work with, when we're talking about make up remover.  I managed to use this up as a pre face-wash massage cream (using a big amount every time).  The Calendula scent is quite soothing - only pro of this product.
Recommend? No, unless you like cleanser that doesn't clean but hurt your eyes.
Repurchase?  No.

Montagne Jeunesse Maskssss - Got them from an international swap with Joselin and Love them all, but 1!  Go read my full review here!

Body and Hair Care

Superdrug Coconut & Shea Butter Body Butter - Score: 1/5
It actually feels thick but not emollient enough - does this make sense?  It is a thick white paste that doesn't absorb quite well.  The coconut scent is good, but nothing special.  I used this on my legs - driest part of my body - after shower at night with a heavy application.  They, my legs, aren't dry the day after, but I don't feel that they are moisturised either.  In my opinion this is just a very mediocre, fair product.  I don't mind heavy textures especially when it comes to body products, but not those which give no results... I gave away my 2nd brand new tub to my sister, who loves body butter like nothing else :S
Recommend? No
Repurchase? No

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse - Score: 5/5
In my skin care stash I have 5 more back-ups of these; this is my 2nd or 3rd finished bottle.   Does this tell you how much I like it?  Occasionally in Winter, I use this on my face as a facial oil - I go with 1/5 or a quarter of a bottle to give me a super luxurious facial massge.  Other times I use this a treat for my dry legs, also about a quarter or one-fifth of a bottle to smooth them out and make them really silky and shiny.  Plus I adore its scent, a simple floral powdery scent.  It lingers and calms me.  LOVE!
Recommend? If you like body oil and want to pay as much for one, Yes
Repurchase? Yes for discounted travel size :D

Barielle Total Foot Care - Score: 4/5
It is a medium to thick lotion with actually sandy granules inside!  Very special!  I use this on my hands and feet and leg and it feels good + interesting (because of the sandy particles).  Moisturising and very nice :)
Recommend? Yes
Repurchase? Probably!

Crabtree n Evelyn Lily Body Lotion (sample) - Score: 4/5
This is my first time trying out Lily scent from Crabtree n Evelyn.  I thought I have almost tried every single one of their scent and found my favourites - Gardener, Sonoma Valley (discontinued), La Source, Summer Hill, Citron... Don't care much for the rest.  However, I have found another favourite - Lily!  This body lotion is as smooth and lovely as Crabtree usually does - not too thick, but does it job well.  If they aren's so expensive (without sales) I would buy more.  I may plan to get some Lily products this Christmas, also wanna try their Jojoba Oil line. :)
Recommend? Yes
Repurchase? Highly probable!

Dove Treatment (sample) - Score: 5/5
This came as a free gift with a magazine I got a month or two ago - should be a UK Glamour or something.  I saved it until I dyed my hair last Wednesday, and then I started using it daily after my hair colouring.  It was marvellous!  The smell is nothing too remarkable but the results are amazing.  My hair colour was kept nice - for the 2 weeks so far - and the softness and texture improved in general.  I will go get a big tube of this as I just saw it on shelf the other day I visited a drugstore. :)  Note: need to use up more hair masks in my stash for P20BH.
Recommend? Yes
Repurchase? Yes

Pantene Clinicare Hair Renewal One Wash Treatment (single dose*2) - Score: 4/5
I believe this line is marketed towards Asians and not sold everywhere.  They have 3 types, blue/green for normally-damaged hair, pink/orange gives volume for thin hair, purple for rescuing severly dry hair.  My favourite line, until now, is the pink line - now re-packaged into orange.  However, these little tubes of hair treatments are always placed at the cashier of pharmacy (e.g. Watson's) and sold at low prices - promoting trials.  It is a very moisturising, light-weight hair mask/treatment, leaves hair shiny and smooth without too artificially-silicony-feeling.  All 3 lines - blue, pink and purple - smells very nice.  I will definitely recommend Clinicare products if you have coloured, permed, dry or damaged hair.  Start with the conditioner and treatment first, because I sometimes find the shampoo a little heavy, esp. in our humid seasons.
Recommend? Yes
Repurchase? Yes

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P20BH Updates
Full Size Done: 3 + 1
Samples Done: 7 + 6
Total products finished: 6.5 + 4
Total products purchased: 2 - suspended in October
I am cheating because I allow myself to buy a few things in October and I don't count them :D
No. of products to go until P20BH is finished: 20 - ( 10.5 ) + 2 =  11.5 

Phew.  What a long post.  Do you enjoy reading Empties post and know what others have used up?  I do; that's why I spent much time writing this up!


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