Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Oct Top Ten Favourite Pinks

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my birthday month, and the beginning of my favourite season - Autumn. I figure it will be perfect to do this Favourite Pinks post to share with you guys some of my favourite products - some packaged in pink, others come in pink themselve (e.g. make up, and the cleansers, for example!)...

Sometimes we ladies are 'that' shallow we can't help but buy items because of their pretty packaging. I'm not saying this is by any means wrong, because besides for use, we shop for pleasure too, no? Anyway, sometimes good packaging doesn't relate to good products, hence I give special raves to products that both look good and work well!

on my desk/dresser
 Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist (around $60, bought in Korea)
Naris Up Lip Care Essence (around $55, from Sasa)
Bourjois Effet 3D Les Nudes Lipgloss in 34 Rose Mythic (around $120, bourjois counter)
Natural Collection Blushing Cheeks in Pink Cloud (swap with Joselin, from UK)

I love facial sprays/mists and I have a lot of them.  This Tony Moly one is one of my favourites because it smells fruity - peachy and sweet - and moisturises pretty well.  The bottle is extremely adorable (and refill-able) so I can foresee it will stay on my desk/vanity forever.  Naris Up has 2 lip essenses, both have a duckling on its packaging, the other orange one has UV (I believe) and this doesn't.  I sometimes use this as night treatment but it also works very well as lipgloss or day use.  Super glossy and moisturising and not sticky!  I own quite a lot of Bourjois cosmetics.  Most of them are acquired when I first started working (summer jobs?!) because they are affordable, nicely designed and wearable.  This is one of the nude pinks that works for my skin tone perfectly - yes I have difficulty finding nudes that flatter me.  Natrual Collection Pink Cloud is one of my Holy Grail, full stop.

In my shower/bathroom
no brand Bangs Holder/Sticker (around $5)
pdc Celdie Rosehip Cleansing Cream ($25 from Bonjour)
Biore Body Foam - Mild ($9.9 from Watson's)
Pantene Clinicare Full n Thick treatment Mask (maybe $40 in drugstore)
Clarisonic Mia ($1080 from
My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser (from a travel/trial set)

The bangs holder is super helpful when I want to do any skin care or make up to my face.  Usually I use a hair band in towel-like material, which can leave my hair in weird shape if I don't style it afterwards.  Hence these are better options when I need to go out right after I treat my face.  Celdie Rosehip line is super yummy - sweet fruity rosy scent - and moisturising/nourishing.  Perhaps they still make the cleansing foam and maybe some other scrubs/etc, but cleansing cream is the best I have tried.  It is creamy, soothing and cleanses well.  I bought a few of these before they were discontinued and I'm on my last pot - so sad. 

The Biore Mild body foam, shower foam thing I have talked about numerous time.  Probably in some of my empties post or favourites, go to the label 'Biore' for more details.  The Pantene Clinicare as mentioned in my Mid-Oct Empties post, is one of the line from Pantene (or P&G) that works for me.  I especially love the pink formula - now repackaged to orange - targetting thin and flat hair - i.e. my hair.  I use this Hair Treatment as conditioner every other day or whenever I like.  Works wonders.

As a birthday gift to myself, I bought the pink Clarisonic Mia and have been using it religiously eveyr other day (roughly).  I use it in conjunction with the beauty diary Aloe or Strawberry cleansers.  These cleansers give mild to minimal foam but gentle on the skin, Clarisonic Mia gives me the most delicate exfoliation and these seem to work together very very well.  The strawberry cleanser is supposed for oilier skin while the aloe for dryer skin but for the current weather and my skin, I can work with both.  PS - the strawberry smells a little more yummier of natural strawerry scent :D

That's it!  More pink favourites may come next week or so, stay tuned! ;)



  1. What a lovely idea for a post! I might do my pink favourites, too! xx

  2. @cbsg5861 Yes do it too! :D

  3. I still have never tried any products from Natural Collection! I'm clearly missing out and will purchase some on my next shopping trip!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. @LoveFayexoxo Despite the packaging being simple and not too cute, they make really good products!



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