Thursday, 13 October 2011

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Masks

Montagne Jeunesse is a brand not so available in Hong Kong.  When I told Joselin I love facial masks, she helped me pick up a few different kinds and send them for me to try in our international swap.  That's was a great idea!  

I have finally finished trying all four of them and here's the overall review!  Some I love, some I don't care much for.  Now I want all the other flavours they produce!!!! :D

After a few weeks, only the lipbalm is left now! :D

Cream n Honey Skin Polisher, 4/5

Our Skin Polisher is a hive of goodness exploding with sweet Honey n nourishing Cream. The delicate Jojoba beads that will help unclog pores n we’ve extracted ultra-moisturising Cocoa n Shea butter to leave skin velvety soft.

My Thoughts:

I love the Body Shop Honey n Oat 3in1 Scrub Mask which smells perfect and works perfectly as both a scrub and a mask.  I think compare to that, this is nearly as good.  It smells delicious but not over-powering.  Jojoba beads inside help exfoliate quite gently, not effective enough in my opinion.  The cream base is moisturising, not as 'ultra' as it claims, but good.  My skin does feel soft, smooth and bright after the mask.  A pleasant mask to use, and I think this works better in terms of nourishing as a cream mask than an exfoliating 'polisher'.

I still like the Body Shop one better!

 Very creamy
Smells sweet
Gentle exfoliation

Slightly irritating
Not ultra-moisturising

Red Hot Earth Sauna Masque, 5/5

Release the earth's stored up energy with our self-heating Volcanic Clay sauna masque. Cleanse to the core n let calming Ginseng n Plant Extracts relax you as impurities are drawn out n pores opened.

 My thoughts:

This is Pink in colour!  I always like warming facial masks or scrubs or cleansers because they really soften the skin and open up pores for the product to work better!  I found this pack really stimulates blood circulation on my face - as face is a bit reddened after washing off.  It was a very comfortable session as the smell and the warmth are gentle but soothing.  My skin was cleansed and pampered after the mask.  One drawback is the viscosity of the mask seem to be much lower than I expected.  I used the whole pack in 1 go, and the mask dripped quite a bit into my sink (and t-shirt).  I think for its consistency, the pack can be used for 1.5 or 2 times.  I will be more careful next time!

Warming but not too hot
Easy to wash-off
Good for cold seasons
Smells soothing

Dripping all the time
Not Red (if you like red and hate pink)
Set but doesn't dry completely
Skin might get red - due to blood circulation

Ultra Fast Pore Cleansing with Spearmint n Tea Tree Face Tonic, 4/5

Going out? Feeling down? Want a tonic for your face and soul fast? Go for it! Feel the lift n zing of real Spearmint and Tea Tree for ultra deep pore cleansing. Real Spearmint n Tea Tree combine as an effective deep pore cleanser and reduce excess oil, deep cleanse and clarify your skin.

My Thoughts:

I have tried hundreds if not thousands of facial sheet masks since teenage - yes a lot I know - and I do enjoy them as a every night treatment or pick-me-up before major dates/events.  I don't remember using a mint flavour one, like this!  It is very refreshing, cooling and calming.  Deep pore cleansing I don't feel too much, but clarification yes!  It says splash cold water after using this for 5-10min, then pat dry.  My skin was actually full, plump, smooth and moist after the mask!  Love it~

Mint scent
Printed with leaves
Leaves skin plump and moist

Not the thinnest and fittest material
Might not be good for sensitive skin - too cooling
Country of origin not listed - the other 3 printed 'Made in UK'

Green Tea Peel Off, 2/5

Detox with our Green Tea Peel Off face masque for a deep cleansed, toned complexion. Experience the wellbeing of natural minerals, young Green Tea, root Ginger and reviving properties of squeezed Lemon to uplift and refresh skin.
Deep cleanse your pores, remove impurities and peel to reveal healthier, younger looking skin.
the peel-off (click to enlarge as you wish)

 My thoughts (long one):

Personally, peel-off masks aren't my favourites.  10 years ago when I just started out with skin care I got a tube of peel-off mask from the drugstore thinking it would be fun and harmless.  Might be my poor application or might be that product, it never dries right or evenly and I cannot peel it off nicely in 1 piece, and I always pull off facial hairs or brow hairs together with that.  Not good memories.  Hence, I'm biased and I have never picked up peel-offs since.  When Joselin sent me this, I thought it may be time for me to re-evaluate whether peel-off works for me or not.

As I said, I'm biased.  This is not a bad mask, smells lightly of citrus or green tea (very faint scent) and quite liquidy.  Applies easily and quite evenly.  After 15-30min, most of it dried and peeling it off is not too tricky.  However, Some stuck near my brows and jawline.  Skin does feel refreshed and cleaner, and not too tight.  If you like peel-off, this could be good.  I just don't love the idea of peeling off masks.  :)

Nice light scent
Easy to peel
Refreshing n cleansing
Not irritating

It is a peel-off
Drying time is hard to estimate
Colour too clear - hard to see area of application

not cute at all, not sure if I should publish this pic actually :S


Except the peel-off (which I also like), I think all the others are very good and I love them!  I have browsed through their website and I want almost every single mask they make!  For the price they are marked, they are really good quality products that do good for my skin.  Thanks Joselin for the picks!



  1. Glad you enjoyed using them :) I was actually going to get you a chocolate mask instead of the peel off mask! I got you the peel off one becasue I hadnt seen you review one on your blog (Maybe I should have realised that it was becasue you didnt like them) I love the skin food mask that you sent me! I found it on ebay for £6 with postage which isnt bad at all


  2. I enjoyed them a lot! You picked them well enough, it is no way you can know I don't quite like peel-off as I have never said before! :P

    I tried looking for Montagne Jeuness masks on ebay but they are sold at US$20+ for 5 or 6 packs, not too reasonable!

  3. Who doesnt like mask? Your skin feel so much better after one, it's pretty cool. ^^

  4. @Veronica
    Yay~ I love masks not only for their effect on the skin, but also because the whole process of applying, taking off, sniffing and pampering seem so fun to me! ;)

  5. True! (: I love how my face feel soo fresh after a mask (L) But I do love peels off too. I love all kind of mask, since I love body product (L)

  6. Hi Veronica, I like every kind except the peel-off! Really have no idea to work with them well! (sigh~)



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