Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Should I get a replacement?

First of all, I didn't use up the 3/5 bottle of this baby;  Just about 1/2 of this was used by me (and my girlfriend).  For the longest time since I bought this polish - years ago?, I have lent this to my girl who studied abroad and she loved it.  Last summer or so she returned this to me with about 1/3 gone.  Then I started using this on and off (meaning once or twice) until this summer. 

The night before I departed for Spain (World Youth Day 2011) I painted my nails in a Spanish national flag theme.  Using the yellow pictured above and another red.  However the silliness of mine somehow forgotten to tightly screw the brush back and hence, the polish dried up around the bottle neck and the brush can no longer be taken out.

Anyway, this The 'It' Color is not use-able anymore and sadly I'll need to throw this away.  I like this colour very much and it holds a place in my heart.  It did record a long-distance-friendship of me and my friend, my Spanish pilgrimage, besides from being a very special yellow colour itself.

Colours used:
  • OPI - The 'It' Color
  • China Glaze - Ruby Pumps

So, should I get a replacement, or let this be a memory kind of thing forever?


  1. what a cute polish, just keep it for a sweet memories you have :D

  2. @cominica yes indeed. I'll keep it for the time being :)

  3. Aww, it's such a cute color! So summery and bright! I'd say keep it!

  4. Thanks Tao for stopping by! I really like this colour but I can't twist it open anymore! I should get a new bottle next summer!




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