Monday, 10 October 2011

Swap with SamRam - UK!

Not long after Joselin blogged about our swap (link) on her blog (link), Sam contacted me and asked if I favoured another swap with her, as she would also love to get something from my side.  Of course I said yes and started shopping for her.  My package arrived at hers first, and she made a blogpost and a video no those items, make sure you read through till the end of this post for the links and check those out!

Onto the box I received - which is the 2nd glossybox for a non-UK subscriber :P - I am really happy with!  Aside from something I requested, Sam also threw in quite a number of things to surprise me!  That's so sweet of her :D 

Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Normal/Dry Skin in 150 Buff

Haven't tried this yet, but I feel this will be the best match (if not, the second).  Revlon in HK doesn't carry the ColorStay in this packaging, we have the other kind(s).  But the US/UK or everyone else on youtube/blogger is talking about this line so when Sam said she can help me get one, of course I said yes!  I will try this out once I have the mood to do foundation.. I have been really lazy (or confident?) with my skin recently that usually I just go out in some tinted sunscreen or BB cream :P

ELF Mineral Foundation SPF 15 in Fair
ELF Mineral Concealer SPF 15 in Light
ELF Brightening Eye Color in Nouveau Neutrals 
ELF Studio Under Eye Concealer n Highlighter in Glow/Fair
ELF Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in Blushed/Bronzed

ELF is one of my favourite cheap and not accessible make up brands!  Back in those times when it was only sold online in the States, I made my girlfriend who's studying in USA ordered and brought back some of their stuff.  I have tried quite a few of their items and I liked almost all of them.  They are just $1, $3 or $5 in US making them really affordable - with occasional insane sales!!??!!  I ask Sam to send me some ELF products if she can order and get them for me.  and she did!  At the top right corner of the pic is an old blush/bronze which I got from US (through the method mentioned just now), the left hand side is the new one Sam sent me.  Somehow they look different compared side-by-side, but I'll need some swatch and visual checking under sunlight to confirm.  

I have been wanting to try the concealer and foundation for some time now!  So glad Sam chose them for me.  Hope they work for me! :D

Sigma E25 Blending Brush
Rimmel Kate (Moss) Lasting Finish Lipstick in 03 My Cool Nude
Rimmel Colour Burst Mono Eye Shadow in 241 Matte White

I heart the sigma brush!  It is basically a MAC 217 and I can't wait to do blending jobs with it.  The Kate Moss lipstick is a pretty pink nude, quite wearable.  As you can see in the picture, the eyeshadow did crack in the mail, but it doesn't matter too much - still use-able!  It is a nice matte white which is useful for blending out colours~!

Rimmel Professional Liquid Eye Liner in 002 Brown Velvet
The applicator is a brush - not felt/sponge tip - and applies smooth and nicely.  Not quite waterproof though.

Boots 17 Natural Radiance Foundation SPF15 in Fair
Boots Botanics Enlivening  Body Polish
Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum
Boots Natural Collection Tweezers
Boots No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in Fair (tester)

I love Boots pharmacy products!  I think the next time I visit UK I will spend quite a fortune in there!  :D  The foundation comes with brush applicator (sorry didn't take pic of that) and the shade seems to suit me.  I think I'll briefly wash the brush (synthetic bristles) with water before trying this out.  I have another No7 highlighter that comes with a similar design, only the product got stuck after I forget about it for a few weeks! :S  I have used the powder once to set my concealer and it seems to be quite nice. 

I love the tweezers!  They come in the cutest brightest purple colour with a pink grip.  I need to groom my brows every other day to pick the stray hairs, and tweezers always like to run-away, so I welcome new lovely purple tweezers!

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Perfection Continue Lip Lacquer in 30 Ruby

I just include the other long-lasting lip stain thing for reference.  This comes in a really rich jewelled ruby colour which is really glam!  Now I need a date/party to wear this. :D

The Body Shop Strawberry Soap
The Body Shop Born Lippy Pink Guava Lip Balm
Primark Lashful Lash Enhancing Mascara in Blackful
Primark Mint Flavoured Lip Balm
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer for Dry Skin (sample)

There are really extras/surprises!  Primark is a bargain clothing store marketed like HnM or Forever21, but even cheaper and more diverse styles items.  I have been to one of them in 2009 but I didn't notice they have make up - might have missed the display or bad memory. :) The mascara looks promising and the lip balm is very refreshing.  However I'm loving the Body Shop one more!  I used to have a few of the Body Shop lip balms since they still have the black plastic cover instead of the current designs - anyone as 90s as me?  This particular flavour is more like strawberry or other fruits than guava, but still sweet and yummy.  Personally I don't use soaps, but I have friends who do, so I can share this with her.  

I have never tried Laura Mercier in my life!  I am really excited to have the foundation primer.  Like I said, when I am in the mood to do foundation I will try to wear it!

Forever 21 Cupcake earings, Ribbon ring, Bunny ring, J necklace

I have been wearing the Bunny and the J necklace non-stop ever since I unwrap the package!  I like them so much.  They are so me.  Sam chose great gifts for me ;)

That's it!  I'll conclude with a very lovely Boots Natural Collection Flannel Cupcake that combines a bath pearl (filled with bath oil) and a towel/flannel!  

Go to read Sam's blog and video.  Click the below links.

click to see her post!

Thanks Sam for all of these!  It has been a great swap with you :) Video will come soon, wait for me!



  1. such an amazing selection of products! such a good idea!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. oh i thought u used soap that's why i picked it because i was frantically seraching your blog for product you liked and i noticed botanics, bodyshop and red lips so i tried to put little surprises in their. I LOVE THE RING TOOO my best friend stole mine =( need to buy another and im glad u love the parcel, sorry about the rimmel eyeshadow next time i'll try to bubble wrap everything.

    I love the flannel cupcake =) xxx

  3. @LoveFayexoxo Indeed! Sam chose well for me :D

    @Sam Hehe so sweet you try to find out what I like and shopped for me! My habit is to use liquid wash for hand/body and I never learnt how to use solid soaps. I like the stuff you sent and I will really give them some good use! Thanks :)

  4. I love ELF Brightening Eye Colors, the shades are soooooo pigmented and gorgeous for the bargainous price!

    The Kate Moss lipstick looks great and the cupcake earrings are so cute!

  5. @GABY thanks for following me! I haven't tried the ELF quads before and not yet on the eyes but I guess I will like them as you and many beauty bloggers rave about it!


  6. I just read the post on Sam's blog and left a similar message but I absolutely loved reading the posts on ur swap!! Its such a great idea! I love the idea of getting a box of goodies through the post know they have come from a land far far away and chosen by a kind stranger! Its just so lovely! You got great stuff and sent some really lovely things to Sam too! If you ever want to do another swap let me know! :-) x

    1. I have been swapping with Sam twice now, and we have been so far so good (like talking about swapping-pal relationship.. hmm). If you are serious with the swap, you can email me at jacqlibra at gmail dot com. We can talk! ;) Thanks for the kind comment anyway~ cheers~



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