Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tutorial + FOTD: Simple

In short, I wanted to try out my new Lavshuca palette, new Skin79 BB Cream, new Canmake contour hence this FOTD.  I also try to capture step by step pictures of me, as this look is too super simple, I guess I'll just add 1 or 2 descriptions under the picture to illustrate how I did this.  It is super simple and looks uber natural too.  Please tell me in the comments what you think I can do better in editing this kind of FOTD/tutorial!  

PS: my hair colour is really fading and not A/W appropriate but I haven't find the time to touch it up yet. 

Products used:

☁Skin79 Summer Collection Hot Pink BB Cream
☁Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Sand
☁Make Up Forever Full Cover in #6
☁Bobbi Brown Sheer Loose Powder in Pale Yellow
☁Za Skin Beauty 2-way Foundation in #21

☁Canmake Shading Powder in 01
☁Everyday Minerals Matte Blush in Nick Nack
☁Stila Brow Set in Fair
☁NYX MegaShine Lipgloss in Natural

☁Lavshuca Limited Edition Cream Eyeshadow in GD (gold)
☁Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes Limited edition in BR (brown)
☁Majolica Majorca Mascara Base
☁Rimmel Glam'Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara in black

Expand to see my simple tutorial!

Step by step:
Expand each photo for clarity at your own risk/will.

1) Bare Face with only Naruko Rose Moisturiser and LaView Dewrinkle Eye Serum.  I also applied some Body Shop Tea Tree Oil on my pimple (tip of my nose).

2) BB Cream applied and blended onto whole face using fingers.

3) MUFE full cover blended around the nose with everyday minerals dome eye crease brush.  Using the same brush, creamy concealer goes under the eye.  In this picture, only the left eye is concealed, notice the difference?

4) After concealer, pale yellow powder goes under the eye, and 2-way foundation applied all over the face with a big brush.

5) Face contoured with shading powder, left side in the picture already applied.

6) Both sides contoured and blush on cheeks.


7) Brows slightly filled in.  Cream eyeshadow on lid, lightest shade in the palette on inner lids, medium shade in palette at the outer corners.  Lash curled and then mascara base + 2 coats of black mascara.  Natural lipgloss on lips.  Note the pimple on the tip of my nose! DONE!

2 hours later, we had typhoon signal No.3 in HK the day I did this look.  I went out in the wind to get dinner and walk back home.  Therefore my hair look tangled and gross, but looks like my concealer has only been partially rubbed off!  I had running nose and I was constantly blowing it.  Not too bad as I would say 70%+ of the concealing is still there, right?



  1. I have the Rimmel mascara, they are very cheap and consistently good. Love the look i can't wait to try my skin19 pink bb cream too =) xx

  2. :) hope you can find a BB cream that works for you! they can be really good and really bad = kind of tricky to match!


  3. your skin looks so flawless! yes BB Creams are tricky to match as some of them are so pale on my skin :( I have to put my foundation or a cream bronzer over the top to add a bit of colour otherwise my skin looks grey.

  4. thanks for complimenting on my skin! It is quite okay right now, I'd say it is half well-being, 40% skin care and 10% make up. obviously i need to work harder on the 'well-being' part. Skin care I'm currently using and make up (as cover-up) help a lot!

    That's the problem with korean/asian BB cream. they add so many SPF inside it can really make skin look white/ashy... If you can make use of them before your foundation/bronzer, that's good! You can also mix a bit of them with dark foundation to lighten them, i think?




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